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OK.  It's what you have been waiting for: pictures!  This collections of pages contains various pictures I have taken with my digital camera.

There is no particular order to the pictures other than generally by date or event.  Click on the thumbnail to see the full version.   Use the navigation bar (at the left) to mosey around.  Check out the Archive, too, which contains some older pics.

Warning: I like to cook, and I like to take pictures of what I cook.  Some of these pictures are best viewed on a full stomach, unless you want to run to the 'fridge.

New Photo Site -- I'm beginning preparations for a web site overhaul and have found some great photo album management and posting software at a good price (i.e., free). So, in the future, I'll be posting my photos there. You can find the top link to the web site here.

Christmas 2006 -- See my home as I prepare for Christmas.

Thanksgiving 2006. Photos from my annual Thanksgiving gathering featuring, family, friends, food, and festivities.

Vacation 2006. Pictures from our two-week long vacation in June, 2006. First a week in the mountains of Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina, then a week at sea level on the beach in Nag's Head, North Carolina. Two weeks of heaven!

Memorial Day 2006 photos. We had a nice gathering to celebrate Memorial Day, complete with me using the smoker. Here's some of the evidence.

Hotel Leon -- I had some family visitors in the winter and spring of 2006. Mary and Dan and family started off the New Year by attending my New Year party, and then taking us to the Capital One bowl game to see the Wisconsin Badgers. Then in March, Mom and Dad came down for a great visit. Finally, Jean and Perry with KT and her friend came down and graced us at our Easter celebration and for a bit thereafter. Only George and Donna to go now. Check out the pictures and see why Hotel Leon is so popular!

Christmas 2005 -- Pictures from Christmas 2005.

2005 Summer Vacation -- We went to Savannah, GA, and Charleston, SC, in July. Didn't escape the heat, but sure had a great time and saw some very nice thing.

2005 Wisconsin Trip -- I went up to Wisconsine for the Fourth of July and to celebrate George and Cindy's 50th birthdays. Here are some of the photos, including some nice fireworks shots.

SnowBirds 2005. My folks were here the spring, and here's some of the evidence.

Bike Week 2005. Took a bike ride up to Daytona Beach and back for Bike Week 2004, putting on 134 miles.  Here are some of the pictures!

Christmas 2004. Here are some photos from my 2004 Christmas Holiday.

Williams Family Florida Vacation, 2004. Yep, the Williams family left cold Wisconsin to bask in the Florida summer heat in July, 2004. Here is some of the evidence! 

Fireworks 2004.  Yep. Did it again!  Jeff provided us with a great celebration for Independence Day, with quite the fireworks show, and augmented by Creighton.  Only four big" fireworks did not get shot off after a presonal "special request" from the Lake Mary Police Department's finest!  A great time was had by all, here's the evidence.

Wisconsin Trip, June, 2004. Yes, I was to Wisconsin for Joe and Jen's Wedding. Here are some of the non-Wedding pics!

Joe and Jen's Wedding.  My godson and first nephew to get married, Joe and Jen exchanged wedding vows in June, 2004. Here are some pictures from that happy day, and a few from the day after. It was quite the celebration!

.Snowbirds 2004! Yes, Mom and Dad visited for a bit this spring. Here is some of the evidence. Sure was nice to have them, and we had a great time.

Hayes Christmas Vacation.  Well, if the Grizwald's can do it, so can the Hayes Family.  Tom, Donna, Kirsten, and Sean came to visit me in Florida for Christmas Vacation in December, 2003.  Here are some of the pictures.  More pictures can be seen in the next link, Christmas 2003, and a few pictures of Donna's Birthday cake are on the Food pictures page elsewhere on the web site.

Christmas 2003.  Pictures taken during the holidays and holiday preparation.

North Carolina Vacation Pictures: Went to North Carolina for a wonderful vacation with most of my family in June, 2002.  Here are some of the pictures from that memorable time.

Anniversary: Mom and Dad celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in April, 2001. Here are some pictures from that event.

Friends Pics:  A set of pictures from some of the things I've done with friends over the years.

Archive Photos:  I've moved some older photo sections into the Archive section.  Check it out.

Panoramas: High Bandwidth users: Click on the panorama link (at left) to see some 360º pictures of our house.  You must have Quick Time® to view, or it will be installed for you.  Again, only click if you have high bandwidth, or be prepared to wait a long long time!

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