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Hotel Leon is a joke, of course. In the Winter and Spring of 2006 I had a steady stream of visitors. And so the term "Hotel Leon" was coined. I enjoy all the company, each and every one who visits, and for as long as they want!

This page contains links to various visits I've had recently--and a few of the many pictures I took to commemorate those occasions. And I am anxiously awaiting the next one or group!

Heideman Easter -- Jean and Perry were up for Easter 2006, along with their daughter KT and her friend Lisa. Unfortunately, I had jury duty the week they were here and was on a jury. Still, we had a great time and a good visit...and they got in a lot of beach time.

Snowbirds 2006 -- My folks were down for two weeks in March. Had a great stretch of weather while they were here, and did a number of fun things. The best, I think, was a pontoon ride up the St. John's river!

Williams Bowl -- The Williams family came down on New Year's Day 2006. The following day we all went to the Capital One Bowl Game here in Orland and watched the University of Wisconsin kick ass. Some beach time was had as well. Go Badgers!

Snowbirds 2005 -- Mom and Dad drove down in the spring of 2005 for a nice long visit. We had a great time and did a number of fun things. Of course, mostly they rested and enjoyed the sun. I did manage to get some great home cooking, too!

Williams Vacation -- The Williams family came down in the summer of 2004 for a week's vacation in sunny and hot Florida. We had a great time, as you can see from some of these photos.

2004 Snowbirds! -- The folks were down in the Spring of 2004 and we had a fantastic time. Here's the evidence.

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