Snowbirds 2006



In March 2006, Mom and Dad came down for a few weeks of fun and relaxation in the sun. Heavy on the relaxation. We did a bunch of fun things too, from eating out to renting a pontoon boat and gator sighting on the St. John's River. Here's some of the evidence.

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Relaxing in the living room after a "welcome meal." This picture is also proof that the folks did make it to Florida.
Dad, Mom, Tom, and I at Chef Henry's Cafe where we had an outstanding Central European meal.
Fortunately, I had some pierogi left in the freezer since Christmas, and we enjoyed them as an appetizer for dinner one night. Yumm!  I like to cook them like potstickers, and server with bacon and onion, with a few trimmings
This is breakfast.... a potato bacon and cheese frittata. Yummy, for sure
Mom found some material and sewed bathroom curtains from me. They are great and exactly fit in with the "tropical and fish" theme and the colors of the newly repainted master bathroom
Me. At Wekiwa Springs Park.
A view of the spring and surrounding area at Wekiwa Springs State Park.
Tom with the folks, relaxing.
Enjoying the pontoon ride along the beautiful and scenic St. John's River.
Yes, Dad is keeping an eye on that gator.
Spanish Moss drapes many of the trees along the river.
Do you think Dad and Tom were enjoying themselves?
Enjoying the day.....
....and still enjoying the day.
Mom just had to pick up one of these little buggers.....
Actually, this gator was a good 12 or so feet long. He did not seem too afraid of us, but then again, he was back a ways on the bank, basking in the warm sunlight.
Mom and Dad, enjoying the day and the ride.
More St. John's River scenery.
Enjoying the day some more. (Can you tell we had a really, really, ... REALLY good time??!?
More river scenes.
Mom and Dad at Big Tree Park in front of "The Senator"--the USA's oldest Bald Cypress tree. It's about 3500 years old. Makes all of us feel a lot younger.
Mom and Dad in front of Lake Rowena, enjoying a day at the beautiful botanical gardens at Harry P. Leu Gardens (botanical park) in Orlando (more below).
An artist has their easel set up and is painting the scene at Leu Gardens. I thought this was an interesting shot.
We went to George Cohen's surprise 75th birthday party. He was sure surprised. Lots of family entertainment and gag gifts. Here you see Pat and George, his brother Seymour, cousin Harry, and the kids and grandkids.
Here you see the kids and grandkids performing a skit. They were quite the entertainers and had fun "roasting" George.

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