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This is my web site, and I'm damned proud of it.  I like to post things that interest me here.  So you will find lots and lots of pictures, first and foremost.  Also some things about Poland and genealogy. And cooking.  And weather.  And politics. And... well, you can see that a lot of things interest me!

This web site is a work of art always in progress, never finished. It'll never be done.  My challenge is to keep it at a reasonable size so I don't get lost!  But please feel free to check back here time after time after time.  You never know what will appear here.  For now, choose from the buttons on the left, and see where you end up.

Visit my Poland Blog, called Moja miłość do Polski (my love of Poland)  here: http://poland.leonkonieczny.com/blog/. I've been to Poland twice in the past two years and have posted extensively, including many thousands of pictures.

I also write a food blog under the Pen Name "Lake Mary Food Critic." You can read that blog here: http://lakemaryfoodcritic.blogspot.com/. I know what good food is and where to find it in Central Florida and points beyond.

updatedMy Friend Tommy is a wonderful artist and has much of his work online, as well as in private collections around the world (including my living room!). You can visit his web site by going to http://www.TomAbbottArt.com. Check it out!

updated My family tree is now online. Yes, thanks to some great web hosting company, I've managed to get my family tree online. You can view it here: http://ancestry.leonkonieczny.com. You'll need to register to see anything about living people, and if you're related, I can give you access to add and edit information, too. I hope you'll take a moment to check it out!

What's new and exciting on my web site?  Read on....

  • updatedI've updated my Central Florida favorite restaurants. Recently I've discovered a few new great places to eat in central Florida. I highly recommend all of these places. I've eaten there and will do do again. And again. And again....
  • New Photo Top page for my site. I found some great photo posting and management software and will be using that for my photos from now on. Check it out can come back often to see the updates. In the meantime, you can also go to my old Photo Album from the link on the left.
  • Christmas 2006. Some pictures from around my home as I decorated and got ready to celebrate the Christmas season.
  • Thanksgiving, 2006. See some of the photos of the fun, festivities, and food that we all enjoyed on a beautiful Florida day.
  • Finally! I've posted my Tennessee-Virginia-North Carolina-Georgia vacation photos, and you can get to them here. There are a LOT of photos, so be patient. But well worth the wait.
  • BLOGGING!  I've decided to get with the program and start a blog. You can read it here. But remember to return here when you're done to continue checking out my cool content.
  • Memorial Day 2006 photos. We had a nice gathering to celebrate Memorial Day, complete with me using the smoker. Here's some of the evidence.
  • Ranting!  Yes, I like to rant from time to time. Read some of my past Rants here. But for now, I've decided to stick to blogging--at least for the moment.
  • Food! -- I like to cook, eat, and eat out. So what would be more natural for me than a set of pages devoted to food in several ways:
    • Eating Out is all about various places I've eaten and liked (or maybe didn't). I've ranked and rated a bunch of places. Feel free to let me know if you agree or not--or to suggest new places to try
    • Food On the Web is about many of my favorite online sites that deal with food topics. From recipes to some of the great chefs of Food Network, you'll find some good links here.
    • Recipe List is just that--a bunch of some of my favorite recipes. Check 'em out!
  • Hotel Leon -- I had some family visitors in the winter and spring of 2006. Mary and Dan and family started off the New Year by attending my New Year party, and then taking us to the Capital One bowl game to see the Wisconsin Badgers. Then in March, Mom and Dad came down for a great visit. Finally, Jean and Perry with KT and her friend came down and graced us at our Easter celebration and for a bit thereafter. Only George and Donna to go now. Check out the pictures and see why Hotel Leon is so popular!
  • Christmas 2005 -- Some pictures from my Christmas of 2005. Merry Christmas to all!  Wesołych Świąt, Bożego Narodzenia i Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!
  • Vacation Pictures -- We went to Savannah and Charleston in July, 2005, to be tourists. We sure were!  here's the evidence.
  • Wisconsin Vacation Photos -- Pictures from my trek to Wisconsin in 2005 to celebrate George and Cindy's 50ths birthdays, and the founding of our country (Fourth of July).
  • Recent Photos -- This is a "catch all" page fore things that have been happening around me recently. I put photos here that are somewhat current or of things I've recently done, or places I've recently been. Check it out
  • There are some new pictures at the top of my Recent Photos web page. See a bit of what I've been up to. As things happen around here, I'll post more new photos.
  • I have updated my Polish things web page with even more links of interest to those of Polish heritage.  This page will will give you the chance to explore some of the history and culture of Poland.  It also contains links to some Polish Christmas carols in MIDI format.Check it out!
  •  I have (finally) put something on my "About Leon" page, so if you want to know a little more about me, go there and check it out!
  • Weather!  Live from Lake Mary, Florida, it's Leon Konieczny's weather site. I just got a Radio Shack Accuweather WX-200 wireless weather station.  Now you, too, can see what the weather's like here in sunny Florida...outside as well as inside!  I recently replaced my weather station's thermometer and hygrometer, and I recently moved my site to a new provider (costs about 1/6 what it was costing) and have changed the style a bit, too. I hope to update my weather pages in the near future, as well. See, I have been [somewhat] busy.
  • Photo Album has a bunch of my photos including pics of  meals I've made and a lot more.  Also, in the archive section, there are some pictures of the Konieczny Family Reunion (August 2000) and my parent's 50th wedding anniversary celebration (April 2001)! Some of these older photo collections are under the archive section.  Look around, take your time, and enjoy!
  • Favorite Things will take you to some of my favorite things (duh!), topics like politics and religion (great for discussion at family gatherings), and more about me. Also includes links to some of my favorite web sites.
  • Cooking will take you to (another duh!) recipes and other cooking type things.
  • Genealogy has some links to my family tree and other pertinent web sites.

If you want, you can e-mail me.  I promise I'll read it. 
Heck, I may even respond!

I'd enjoy reading your e-mail.  Don't forget...do it now.

 brave souls have ventured to these pages in the past few years.
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