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>>>  TOP SECRET!!  <<<

I like to cook.

I like to eat.

It's a wonder I don't look like Marlon Brando!

Here are a bunch of great recipes that I've tried and I recommend:

  • Polish Pierogies - Emeril made these on his show.  They are very rich, and very tasty. 

  • Turkey and Wild Rice Stuffed Cabbage Rolls - Somewhat reminiscent of golabki, a Polish treat, these are unique and very tasty.

  • Sausage and Black-Bean Burritos - Never mind that   you might not be fit to live with once the beans do their work.... these are well worth the price of ostracism!

  • Pico de Gallo - simple, but a great relish for some Tex-Mex food.  I'd recommend adding a few drops of hot sauce to "kick it up a notch!"

  • Oriental Speckled Rice Salad - If you like oriental cooking--and, if you have the ingredients for this--it's quite interesting.  Take a look at the recipe. It's kinda sweet with a little bit of an oily tang!

  • Fettuccine and Scallops with Wine Sauce - Let me tell you, this dish is not that hard to make.  Yes, scallops may be a bit on the expensive side, but I recommend the bay scallops as they are smaller, so you don't have to cut them up.  Make this, and your guests will be impressed.

  • Burger Buns - This recipe, from Fleischmann's (the yeast people), makes some very tasty hamburger, hot dog, or brat buns.  You might try sprinkling a little poppy seed or sesame seed on them, too.

  • Dilled-Artichoke Potato Salad - I still can't tell you what an artichoke tastes like, but this potato salad is out of this world.  Make sure you make it a day ahead of time to give the flavors a chance to cure.  You won't regret it.

  • Tricolor Coleslaw - Personally, I prefer a bit more zing in my coleslaw, but this creamy style was just fine, too. I think chipped or julienne carrots may work better than shredded, but you can let me know about that!

  • Potato-Portobello Gratin - This is a recipe that can be easily adapted to a multitude of ingredients that you might have on hand.  Layer potatoes and cheese with whatever else you can find (I prefer ham, actually), add some half-and-half, press and bake for a long long time.  It's kind of like a "scalloped potatoes and whatever, but it holds together very well and is not at all runny.

  • The next three all go together: Make the Bread Pudding.  When ready to serve, sliced it and pour a bit of the Bourbon sauce over it, then top with the spiced cream. You will swear that you've died and gone to heaven:

  • Orange Crepes - Emeril does it again.  If you can get past the cost of the Grand Marnier (I got two tiny bottles for $3.49 apiece and they added up to the half cup needed....but it's well worth it.  These are a real treat!

  • New recipes will be added as I find them

And finally, my most...

Top Secret Recipe:

Leon Konieczny's Turkey Dressing - Ok, over the years, I've made "Mom Konieczny's Turkey Dressing" so many times that I can make it by heart.  It's never twice the same, but I think that over the years, I have improved it until it is a truly great Dressing Recipe.  So good, that I've decided to name it after myself.  Of course, give credit where it is due: without my mom's tutelage, this would never have been possible.  Mom: It's a testament to your great teaching skills that I've managed to improve on this already great recipe. The credit is all yours!  Give it a try sometime, and see if you don't agree.

Ok, I've shared a bunch of my favorite recipes with you, now it's your turn.  E-mail me with your favorite recipes so I can give them a try!


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