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I like to cook..

I like to eat.

I like to eat out.

I like to watch food shows on TV.

I like to read food magazines.

Do you think I have a problem?  FA here I come (Foodies Anonymous). I may need a ten step program. It's a wonder I don't look like Mario Batali--yet!

On the following pages (links to the left) you will find links to my favorite places to eat in the greater Orlando area (and even other places in the country), links to some great food related web sites, and a link to my recipe collection.  Well, not really "MY" recipe collection....rather, recipes I've collected from the internet and tried in my own kitchen. The recipes are the property of whomever I've gotten then from, by the way.  But go ahead, be bold.... be daring... give them a try.  I have--and I recommend them. 

Eating Out -- I like to eat out, both in the greater Orlando, Florida area, and in other parts of the country when i can. I'm no world traveler, but I have been to a few really, really, REALLY good restaurants. Here you can find out what I think about some of them.

Food on the Web -- There are lots of great food related web sites. Here are just a few links.... a starting point, if you will, to your journey to food heaven.

Recipe List -- Here are just a few of the recipes I've tried, as well as my TOP SECRET Turkey Dressing recipe.  No, it's not a stuffing. And I actually stole most of it from my Mom (except for MY secret ingredient). But I have brought this to many a pot luck and I'm always asked to bring it again.... and again..... and again. Yes, it is that good!


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