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Eating Out!

Personal Opinion. That's what this page is all about. I like to go out to eat, and I'm just as much a critic as anyone can be. Am I an expert? Well, I've been eating food for well over 53 years and have hardly ever gotten sick on food. I've had a lot of different foods, but I've certainly not traveled the whole world over. There are some foods I just have not tried and don't really want to....some foods I won't seek out, especially when I'm paying the tab. But I've not been afraid to try new things from time to time, either.

This page contains links to three main areas of information with links to the restaurant's web site, if I know it:

  • Great Places to eat out in the greater Orlando, Florida area -- I live in Lake Mary, just north of Orlando, and these are some of the places I'd take guests. They are ranked in relative order according to how great I think they are. This can change as I tend to go back from time to time and may change my mind.
  • Other great restaurants in various cities -- I've been to a few restaurants in other cities that I remember for one reason or another. Here's my list of favorites--again, ranked in order.
  • Fast Food/Chain Favorites -- Yes, I've eaten my share of fast food and from chain restaurants and will continue to. These are some of my favorite places to eat. They are not necessarily "stellar" in all regards, but heck, it's my opinion that counts to me! As a matter of fact, I'll even let you know which ones to avoid--at all costs!

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