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Great Restaurants Across the USA

I've stumbled across a few restaurants here and there across the US that I consider truly great. They are definitely worth your time and effort to find and at which to dine. Yes, "dine." These are all great places for a nice meal in a nice atmosphere. Located outside of the central Florida area, each is worth your visit, if you can.

Here are my rankings:

Rank Name Review/Comments #
1 Cobblestone Conch House -- Savannah, GA Without a doubt, I had the best shrimp ever here. Absolutely outstanding, amazing, and fabulous are a few words that can't hardly begin to describe my dining experience here one night while on vacation. Next time I'm in Savannah, this will be a "must do" restaurant. I had the Jamaican Beer Battered Shrimp--it was wonderful! 1
2 Mader's -- Milwaukee, WI A long time Milwaukee institution, the authentic German cuisine is outstanding, and the atmosphere and rooms full of "collectibles" are well worth browsing. I've never had a bad meal here. A bit pricey, but worth it. 3-4
3 Clancy's -- Key West, FL No longer around last I heard, I've had a few very good meals here. Most memorable was their seafood pizza -- a nice white sauce on pizza dough topped with an assortment of seafood. Absolutely delicious. 2-3
4 Rudy's Mexican Restaurant -- Milwaukee, WI If you want authentic Mexican food (where hot really does mean HOT!), then this is the place for you. It has been a year or two since my last visit here, but it's always been good, for the last 20 years. Since the first time my friend Tom took me here, I've enjoyed the food. And in recent years, they've expanded from the original "hole in the wall" to a very nice place. 4+
5 Coast -- Charleston, SC Another very, VERY good seafood restaurant. If you ever get to Charleston, South Carolina, you deserve it to yourself to look this place up. Fresh seafood and a nice atmosphere. Go for it! 1

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