2005 Vacation



In July, 2005, Tom and I took a vacation to Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina.  It was a great time and here are some of the many pictures I took.

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Savannah, Georgia
Tom is getting ready to play the part of a tourist, camera in hand....
A view of the Savannah River, and a riverboat, taken from the river walk.
The Savannah River Walk.
Inside an old building on the river walk. Probably a warehouse at one time, now quite the classy hotel.
The factor's walk. Cotton brokers used to walk along here bidding on loads of cotton.

The Cotton Exchange. At one time, cotton was king in Savannah.
Historic preservation laws in Savannah enforce the rule that all historic buildings must be painted in the original colors. This building, though, it across the street from the historic district. Sure draws attention, though.
A historic building.
We saw a spectacular sunset from the river walk, looking towards the port of Savannah.
About the same view as above, but with changing colors. The sunset was spectacular.
A cafe in an old railroad car.
Tom and I had breakfast in that old railroad car, by the railroad museum.
An old train locomotive.
Your locomotive engineer today: Leon!
Now it's Tom's turn to drive.
The roundhouse, looking from the other side of the roundhouse.
Another view of the roundhouse.
The Andrew Lowe house. We toured this house. His daughter founded the Girl Scouts and lived here many years.
Another old house in historic Savannah.
Charleston, South Carolina
Old slave quarters on the Magnolia plantation, oldest plantation in Charleston.
This is the current home on the Magnolia Plantation. More like a cottage that was expanded, built after the Union army burned the old mansion during the civil war.
A view from the river.
An old house in Charleston.
The old jail. They used to hang people in the yard here. The good ole days!
Another home in historic Charleston
We toured this home, but at the moment, it's name escapes me. It was very neat, though.
The confederate museum.
The citadel. Formerly a military school. Now an Embassy Suites hotel.
Another old home in Charleston.

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