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What can I say? I was born on June 11, 1952 and lived the first few months of my life in rural Thorp, Wisconsin.  My dad was in Korea. The army doesn't really care if your wife is pregnant..."get over it!"  Guess Dad heard the news while hunkered down in some foxhole, saving the world from the Red Menace!  He got out, and my folks picked up their lives where they left off before the draft--with one big exception... ME!

I was raised in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.  I was soon joined by siblings, one at a time (thankfully, I'm sure my Mom would say).  During this time, we moved to the suburb of New Berlin, a very rural area at the time. I attended Holy Apostles grade school, and then New Berlin High School. I graduated in 1970 (yes, I made it). Of course, 30 years later, New Berlin is now anything but rural.... a sea of houses. But is was a great place to grow up at that time.

In 1970, we (Mom, Dad, Jean, George, Mary, Donna, and I) moved to Marshfield, Wisconsin. I attended several semesters of college there, and then went to Madison, Wisconsin where I graduated in 1974 from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Over the course of the next15 years, I did a number of things and worked in a number of occupations.  I attended the seminary (twice) and came pretty close to being a catholic priest.  I built a few houses, and I taught High School religion at a catholic high school (Pacelli, in Stevens Point, WI) for four years.  I even got my master's degree in Theological Studies.  And I worked in retail management for several years.

In 1990, I moved to Florida.  In Florida, I worked in Retail for a number of years. Spent a year in Houston, where I entered the IT (Information Technology -- i.e.,  computer) field.  After that, I returned to Florida and I took a "computer" job with AT&T where I still work to this day.

Since my days in high school, technology has fascinated me. I remember watching the first moon walk late at night in the summer of 1969. I've always enjoyed space.  And I've been interested in electronics.  It was only natural that I'd be interested in the first "personal" computers.  In 1983 I bought a Commodore-64, and I was  hooked.  I've been involved with computers ever since.  At this moment sitting at home, I have four of my own computers around me (this one, one that runs my weather station, and my new Dell laptop).  My job at AT&T is also technology related (I am an Electronic Messaging Engineer--fancy words for Email!), and I love it. 

I turned 50 about three years ago now, a momentous event.  But, I feel like the energizer bunny--still going strong.  I own my own home (well, me and the mortgage company), and have a nice group of friends, and I get to spend lots of time on computers.  Life is grand!

Perhaps I'm living my second childhood, but I took up motorcycle riding two years age, and I love it.  Look around these pages, and you'll find plenty of motorcycle pictures. I have a Honda CBR600F4i, a very fast, sharp, and sleek machine, and I ride it as much as I can. 

Among the other things I like to do are "putz" around in the yard.  I have a beautiful yard with a fish pond and waterfall, nice landscaping, and a very private atmosphere.  I love spending time there, too.

Stay tuned, I'll post some pictures of me here someday soon.....Though if you look through all my web pages, you'll see some here and there...

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