Memorial Day, 2006

This Memorial Day I hold sacred the memory of my great uncle, Andrew Szczech. He gave his life for our country and freedom somewhere in Normandy, on July 25, 1944. He was only 23.

I hate war. And who doesn't? But sometimes, war is what is necessary to preserve the peace. Kind of ironic, isn't it? Uncle Andy died fighting for the country to which his parent immigrated several dozen years earlier. They came for freedom and opportunity, and he died to preserve that freedom and opportunity. His parents came to this country to give all of their descendents (like me) the chance for a better life, and Uncle Andy died defending that better life. Because of him and many like him, we enjoy great prosperity, freedom, and huge opportunities. The list of those who've helped preserve this does not stop with Uncle Andy. The list includes my Dad, Uncle Joe, Uncle Frankie, Uncle John, Uncle Otto, Uncle Stanley, Aunt Agnes....and many others, too numerous to count. Thanks to all of you, I enjoy great freedom, opportunity, and peace.   Thank you!

April 10, 2006

It is so easy to forget the precepts upon which this country was founded. I know I do at times. But I guess I need to look at the back of the dollar bill a bit more often. It says, "In God We Trust." Those who know me would not call me religious, yet I do have beliefs. You can call it what you want. But without trust in god, we as a nation are bound to fail...we are like a rudderless ship. President Bush, for all his apparent failings, has not lost sight of that great truth, and that's to his credit. When we put our faith in whatever god is, we cannot fail.

P.S. It's not the "spring bunny," it's the &($%^*) Easter Bunny. Happy Easter!

December 1, 2005

Apparently there is some sort of debate among idiots these days, and people are listening to it. It may be a holiday season, but it's also the Christmas season (and the Hanukkah season, etc.). But, of all things, only an idiot would call a Christmas tree a "holiday tree." Good god, it's a Christmas Tree. Get over it. And I will wish anyone I want to a "Merry Christmas." They can tell me "Happy Kwanzaa" or "Happy Hanukkah" or whatever they want to call it. But for me it's the Christmas season, I put up a Christmas Tree, I wish people "Merry Christmas" and I honor my Christian heritage. Anyone who wants to take this away from me had better get a real life

September 1, 2005

It's been a long time since I added to this page, but the aftermath of hurricane Katrina has surely got my attention.  We went through a series of hurricanes last year here in central Florida, but nothing that can compare to the devastation caused by Katrina.

First, a few thoughts:

  • Are you a looter?  Hope the cops put a bullet through your head and a toe tag on you that says scum!
  • Did you stay behind and not heed evacuation warnings?  Why are you complaining now? What did you think would happen? Get a grip, and get to work moving on! Next time, plan ahead a bit better.
  • Do you have an extra buck or two in your pocket?  Donate it. To your church for hurricane relief, or to the Red Cross, or the Salvation army. Don't be part of the problem, be a part of the solution.
  • Mad about your high tax bill every year? You should be. Too much pork goes into each year's budget. But call or write your congressman or senator and have them put the money where it's really needed, in the war on terrorism, and helping assuage the misery caused by Katrina.

We are Americans. We live in the greatest country on earth. We can get through this (hopefully after getting rid of a few scum that believe looting is OK). We can be strong, and we can work together to recover. It will take time. But we have a strong spirit.

Now, let's get on with it!

December 16, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  Yes! There! I said it. MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I am tired of being so-called "politically correct." Season's Greetings is fine, but if I want to wish someone a Merry Christmas, then what's the harm in it. If a jewish friend wishes me a Happy Hannukah, that's great, and I appreciate the sentiment. If someone wants to wish me Happy Kwanzaa, that's just fine. Thank you very much.  But I want to wish you a Merry Christmas.  In some places, that's a bad thing. Can you believe that?  What a bunch of hypocrisy. Cities are banning nativity displays, people are cautioned about say "Merry Christmas," and the ghost of ole scrooge (before his conversion) is walking all around this land.

Last night I watched a Christmas special on TV, a special for President Bush and the nation. At the end, Bush had a few words to say. And his final words were "Merry Christmas."  He didn't go with season's greetings or any other such watered down phrase. He spoke what's in his heart as he always does. He's a deeply religious man, this is the season of Christmas, and his wish of all of us as a nation was that we share his joy in this season.  Great! I applaud him tremendously for being honest.

The next time you hear someone wish you a "season's greetings," I challenge you to challenge them: "What season are you talking about." I'll be they'll say "the holiday season." Well, what holiday. When pressed, they'll have to admit it's Christmas. Well, dammit, why didn't they say so in the first place??

I am not very religious. But this is the season of Christmas, believe it or not. Believe the story or not. It's still a magical time when people (many of who are deeply religious) celebrate some basic beliefs they have and take extra time to act in accordance with those beliefs....donating to charities, Toys for Tots, and many other good causes. Families come together at this time of year to rejuvenate their bond, the things that make them family.  I don't really believe that the animals can talk on Christmas eve (Polish lore), but I do believe it's a special time.

Thus, my wish for you is to have a Merry Christmas. In Polish: Wesolych Swiat, Bozego Narodzenie! 

Or as gumby would say Merry Christmas, dammit!!

Merry Christmas!

July 15, 2004

I got rid of the black background and white text on this page. This is, I guess, my "blog" in a way.  My random thoughts, designed to help you and me focus on what is important in this great country of ours: freedom and opportunity. It's a tough job to protect this.  There are a lot who want to take our freedoms away, both on the left and the right. Some want all of us to be like them. Some want some of us to provide for those who don't want to help themselves.  Consider carefully, then make the good choice. As of today, I'm voting for Bush. Kerry is scary. At least Bush has convictions and the fortitude (a nice way of saying "balls) to stick with what he believes. I don't always agree with him, but he is by far the better of the two. Not a single doubt in my mind about that. But no matter what or who you vote for, make up your mind to listen to all the candidates and vote your heart on election day!

July 4, 2004

I think we often forget what today is. It's not just the Fourth of July, not just an excuse to take off from work.  It's the reason our ancestors... Grandpa and Grandma Konieczny, Busia and Dziadzia Symbol and Szczech, and all the rest, came to this country.  They left comfortable surroundings.  Left behind family and friends knowing they'd never, ever, see those people again.  They came here for the opportunities. In some cases, they came to leave behind oppression and prejudice. Then came to make a better life for them and for their children, and their children's children.  We are those children! 
So, today, July Fourth, should maybe be called "Opportunity Day" instead of "Independence Day."  It is the day we celebrate the founding of this country who's basic premise is that we all have the same opportunities--we are created equal. That is not to say that we all start out at the same place. Thankfully, due to the extremely hard work of my parents, and their parents, and theirs... due to the hard work of my forebears, I have not had to start from scratch in this country as they did.  And we all strive to pass that on to our children (or nieces and nephews, friends and family).
So today is the day when we should really celebrate the great opportunity we have in this great country. We should also be proud of the part we have in spreading this opportunity to others. Some times, that sharing has caused us to go to war. Sometimes we managed to negotiate that sharing. But we in this country know that the only true opportunity comes through freedom, the freedom of every person to vote, to speak, to have things, to want things.  This freedom is what keeps us strong and grants us even greater opportunity.   If you haven't recently read the Declaration of Independence, I encourage you to do it now. You can find a copy here:  http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/document/index.htm.  And I hope you will join with me today in celebrating the great freedoms, great independence, and great opportunity we have.

Now, think for a second.  How did our work in Iraq help bring opportunity to millions of oppressed people. Yes, it's their choice, what they do with their freedom. But at least we've given them a start. Is it worth it?  Oh yes, I absolutely believe so!


May 11, 2004

We see the dark core of the supposed peaceful religion of Islam today...the beheading of an American contractor who was in Iraq to help build up a nation torn down by the terror of Saddam Hussein.  Unbelievable.  Yes, some US soldiers may have abused some Iraqi prisoners, and that is despicable in itself... and it will be dealt with according to the law. 

Shame on you, NBC, CBS, and ABC, for using the airwaves to promote your anti-Bush agenda. See where it gets us. You fan the flames of those terrorists bent on our destruction.  Fear!  Yes, fear. Because terrorists still desire to strike us, and they probably will.  Shame on you for not rallying around our flag and our president in this time of our war on terror. 

There is no excuse. And eye for an eye is not the law of our land.  We will deal with transgressors lawfully.  The despicable act deserves swift and strong response.  Terrorists and terrorism cannot be tolerated.  There are many peaceful Islamic people, but where are they? Why don't they cry out?  Because they, too, are terrorized, afraid to oppose a violent and crazed minority.

What can we do? Pray. Support our president and our men at war.  And speak out against the epitome of social injustice, the terrorists, the militants who would take Iraq back to it's days of terror... we can do this. We must do this!


December 13, 2003

Awoke to the news this morning that the tyrant of Iraq, the madman Saddam Hussein has been captured.  This is certainly not the end of things in Iraq, but is yet another milestone in our deliberate and measured war on terrorism.  Other dictators and terrorists should be taking note:  We said what we were going to do, and we did it.  We did not take polls each day and change the course of our stated actions when the polls went down.  My hat is off to President Bush.  He has set a course and stayed the course.  Other terrorists: beware. This president is not one to back down, or to worry about what the polls say, or what others are saying.  He sets a course, then sees it to completion, however long it takes

This is not the end of the war on terrorism, but is certainly a small milestone.  I firmly believe that one day we will read the headlines of Osama Bin Laden's capture or death....and frankly, I dont' care which it is. 

Yes, it's a great day in history for two reasons: (1) we have seen the results of the measured resolve of the Bush administration, and (2) one more terrorist is now out of circulation.  

July 6, 2003

There are terrorists nearly everywhere... and I'm not even paranoid!  Yes, some are directed by Osama Bin Laden and his gang. Some are (or were) directed by Saddam Hussein.  But some are in our Congress! 

I pay taxes, federal taxes, and way too much in federal taxes, each year!  But, a majority of Congress has decided that, not only do I NOT need to keep more of my income (i.e. pay less taxes), but that I should be forced to GIVE IT away to some "taxpayers" who do not pay any taxes.  Now, using the proper vocabulary, this is welfare.  But no, they are  not calling it that.  Let's see.... some people pay NO taxes, but, they will get a check for money they did not pay... paying negative taxes...So, they are getting my money.  I am not happy about that.  I should be able to give my money to whomever I want, whenever, and for no reason at all.  But, alas, the Congress has chosen to force me to donate it, so I cannot even choose to be charitable. 

Some bunch of lackeys in Congress, huh?  Sheesh! Make sure you vote, next election, and keep this in mind when you consider keeping an incumbent.....!


March 17, 2003

For 12 years the world has chided the dictator of Iraq to disarm.  For 12 years he has put off the world.  It is now time for people of fortitude to follow through with their word.  President Bush understands this.  No one--I repeat--no one wants a war.  Bush's decision to take a firm stand is not a decision that is pro-war.  It is a decision to stand up for what you believe in.  We as a nation believe that Iraq is a grave threat to continued peace in the world.  We've waited patiently for 12 years.... and time has run out.

No reasonable person can disagree with this.  When you make a bargain, you have conditions.  We bargained a truce in the 1991 Gulf War....the price, disarmament by Iraq.  The consequences of failure to disarm voluntarily, our disarmament of them.  So we must keep our word.  What parent can be effective in disciplining their children if they do not keep their word.  I repeat: no reasonable person can disagree with our need to disarm Iraq, however unvoluntary it may be.

I am against war.  I am for peace.  I agree with Elie Wiesel:  

"Though I oppose war, I am in favor of intervention when, as in this case because of Saddam's equivocations and procrastinations, no other option remains."

I voted for Jimmy Carter.  And I am ashamed of that.  He has seen fit to stand against our great country.  He has seen fit to turn his tail and become a traitor.  I stood against the war in Vietnam.  I am against war.  Yet I wholeheartedly see the need for war at this time.  President Bush has shown himself to be a brave and fearless leader, boldly doing what needs to be done now, in order to safeguard peace in the future.

Make no mistake, terrible people want to do us harm, whether or not we disarm Iraq.  What we gain in disarming Iraq is to make it harder for them to obtain weapons they'd use against us. What we gain is one less haven for terrorists to hide in.  What we gain is one small notch of increased security.  Bad things can still happens, and bad people still hate our country.  Now we can do but two things: Pray, and stand resolute, people of high princple

February 11, 2003

Seventeen months have passed since a group of fanatic madmen used planes as manned bombs and changed our society for ever.  Seventeen months, and still that madman Usama Bin Laden and his followers plan our demise from their caves and ratholes.  Seventeen months, and we still have a long ways to go in our war on terrorism.  Lately, we read how France and Germany are pissing in their pants at the thought of having to defend freedom by bringing down the tyrant dictator of Iraq.  Well, it's time for them and the world to wake up!  Admittedly, a majority of this country and the world have seen that there is no bargaining with the devil. And we will prevail.  Make no mistake.  Yet in the meantime, those who claim to be doing god's will (but in reality follow the voices of the dark side) will attack, will take more lives, even on our soil.  Usama and his terrorist network must die.  Make no mistake about it.  If not today, then tomorrow, or the next day.  But they must die.  And they will.  Bringing an end to the terroristic reign of Madman Saddam Hussein is the first step.  Some of Al Qaida will be killed, some will flee and escape.  But, we will find them.  Eventually.  We will not give up. 

In the meantime, not a day goes by that I do not worry about those who seek to do us evil, both the terrorists from without, as well as misplaced do-gooders from within.  Fortunately, the voice of the people of our great country is being heard.  We will prevail.  We will win.

November 30, 2002

It's thanksgiving weekend. The peaceful arabs have been at it again, bombing a hotel in Kenya, attempting to shoot down an Israeli commercial airliner, and againg sending homicide bombers into Israel. When will the peace-loving arabs speak out?  When will they speak out against the anti-Israel violence?  When will they learn to live in peace in this world? 

Well, I say, if they can't learn to live in peace in this world, then perhaps it's time to help them into the next world!  Not all Arabs, mind you, just the ones who continue to support terrorism and violence and terrorists..... Of course, not doing or saying anything about this abhorrent violence is tacit support of it.  So, all Arabs who do not speak out against it must be considered for it, and should be dealt with accordingly.

I am sure that, left unchecked, this terrorism will again rear its ugly head on the shores of our country.  I hope we are prepared.  Our war on terrorism may have helped delay more attacks, but these Arabs are fanatical, and they will not stop unless we stop them first.  I say, "go for it!"  Let's stop them now!

September 10, 2002

It's the eve of a dark day in American history.  Paradoxically, it's the eve of a day filled with heroism, bravery, patriotism, and an outpouring of love.  Previously, I wrote here of my disdain--hatred even--of Osama Bin Laden and his ilk.  That fire has not died down.  Osama, the Taliban, radical Jihad Muslims, Hezbollah--all are worthy of my deepest disdain and contempt. They are beneath my time and my care.  I would step on any of them as I would an ant that crossed my path.  No, actually, I would give the ant leave to pass.  Osama and those like him are judged by me and that judgment is a harsh judgment.

What about Muslims?  Well, all Muslims and Arabs bear some responsibility.  If you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.  All Muslims, all Arabs, all god fearing and peace loving people of the world need to despise and hold in utter contempt those who brought last year's destruction to our nation. 

Is racial profiling a good thing?  Should I be more suspicious of Arabs, Muslims, and middle easterners?  You bet!  A little peer pressure would be a good thing.  We need to put pressure on those communities to either stand with us, or to go to hell as being against us.  We can put pressure on them.  We can bring pressure to bear.  Then the will turn upon the miscreants in their midst and turn against them. 

Am I still mad as hell about the terrorist attacks on this country a year ago?  You bet I am.  What am I doing about it?  I'm informed, I keep track of what's going on in the world.  I'm suspicious.  You bet your sweet ass that if I see some A-rab walking around with at suitcase or backpack, acting suspiciously, I'll keep an eye on 'em.  You betcha, I'll be more careful around Muslims, act more carefully, speak more guardedly.  Do individuals deserve this type of treatment?   Probably not.  But he alternative is to "live and let live" and witness the total destruction of our great country and our way of life.

September 11, 2001, marked the beginning of a long and torturous journey for our nation.  I am sure that the "light at the end of the tunnel" is--unfortunately--many many years away.  I doubt that I will live to see the complete outcome, the complete victory.  But I know that "we" (as in US citizens--Americans) have come to a "peak experience" in history.  We have embarked on the journey to higher greatness as a nation, as a culture.  The final outcome has the potential to be a new level of greatness for our society.  We've started the journey--only just begun.  Now, let's roll...!

September 16, 2001

 Patriotism...what does it mean?  

I wish I knew the answer to that question.  In light of recent world events--namely the savage and cowardly attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon--I have even less of an answer.

But I do have a word for Osama Bin Laden, and all terrorists, best summed up by Bart Simpson:

What should I do?  What should I do?

Well, I've come up with a plan.  Click on the thumbnail image below to see the details:

Priceless.jpg (26063 bytes)

Preaching?  "Huh?" you say? Yes, I say "preaching." It's my turn to do some.  Here. Now.  

Not to act is to act.  I'll say it again, louder: Not to act is to act. We can sit back and allow terrorists to have a field day.  We can say "well, maybe we deserve this" for some arcane reason. Or we can take action. Do we need to randomly bomb some country?  No.  But do we need to strike hard, decisively, and quickly at some of the roots of terrorism?  I say "YES!" People like Osama bin Laden and their followers cannot be allowed free reign. They have already stripped us of many liberties. Their continued actions will only serve to strip us of more.  They are scum.  vermin.  They have been judged by me and you and world opinion: guilty.  Their sentence: death, and death to their ideas.  And so death may and should come to them and to all who help or harbor them.  My friend's friend is my friend.  And my enemy's enemy is my enemy.  So to all who consider Osama bin Laden and any terrorist a friend, you are my enemy.  You have aligned yourself with evil.  This evil needs to be eradicated. If you are in the path, then "bye-bye" to you, too.  What about, for example, the so-called innocent people of Afghanistan (so-called "collateral damage")?  What if a few get killed? Well, they allow a government that gives safe haven to my enemy, and so they are my enemy, too.  It's really very simple.  And yes, I know, some "friends" will die in defense of my freedom and liberty.  Is it not worth it? The choice is simple, accept terrorism and give up my rights to freedom and liberty.  Or strike out at terrorism, no matter the cost, and claim my own freedom and liberty.  It's really quite simple:  "Osama bin Laden, you and all terrorists are my enemy.  You are sentenced to death for your murder of thousands. Die.  Die now.  Your ideas have already been pronounced "dead" by the court of world opinion. Now you must die because you are guilty in the eyes of god and humanity.  Die because you do not deserve life."

And, another word of warning and caution to all terrorists who try to take away the life an liberty of our citizens (click for full size):

unclesam_sm.jpg (18627 bytes)

I will may have more to say...soon...so keep tuned!

Some of you have had some comments.  I appreciate them. Keep them coming!

Of course, your comments are always welcome. Feel free to  E-mail me now!


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