I needed a place to post some recent photos, and this is it!  Check back here often to see what we've been up to lately! I have recently rearranged this page to show the pictures from most recent to oldest, top to bottom

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pool This is it. The famous pool. It's 8' across at the bottom and about 6' at the top and is 2' deep. Just enough for me and a float or for me to sit in it. Nice and refreshing on a hot summer day.
pineapple1 Can you figure out what this is? It's growing in my back yard. On purpose. And yes, I know what it is. Maybe the next picture will tell you.
pineapple2 Ahh.. now you see? Can you tell? It's a pineapple! Yep, for real. Isn't that nice and pretty?
bromeliads1 bromeliads2These are some of the bromeliads that are growing in my back yard. They all decided to bloom about the same time this year!
before  afterThe big tree in front of my house, before and after its trimming. What a difference it made! Now I get a lot of light into the front of the house.
Kraken, Sea World Adventure Park in Orlando. January 6, 2006. Sarah, Tom and I for some reason, agree to let Rick guide us to a "real" roller coaster ride, on Kraken. This is our first ride. Does it look like we're having fun?
Gluttons for punishment, and having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, we rode Kraken a second time. This time I kept my eyes open the whole time. After it was over, we all agreed: we had a blast and would go again, anytime!
June 19, 2005. Marcelo, Rick, and Tom. We gathered for an evening of eating burgers and playing dominoes. A good time was had by all.
05-21-05 -- Before.... This is the oak tree in the back yard that was mostly dead. Not huge by any stretch, but still a job to get it down.
Here is where the oak tree ain't no more!  Wow, I'm surprised how much shade that mostly dead ole thing provided. Looks kinda bare now.
This is the front yard after I had the "Charley" stump ground.  Finally, the last reminder of last year's hurricane season is gone
This is the "Charley Memorial Garden," resting on the site of what was once a nice Drake Elm.
My summer flower planting in the back yard. Well over 10 dozen marigolds.
The quilt that  my Aunt Mona sewed for me. You cannot believe the beauty and exquisite workmanship that went into it. It is absolutely gorgeous and I am so honored that she did this for me.
This is Victori. Pronounce Vic-tor'-i.  My Cocktail tree. It's a citrus tree that has multiple varieties of citrus grafted onto one tree. This one has Persian Lime, Meyer Lemon, Minneola Tangelo (honeybell), Ponkan Tangerine, Navel Orange, and Ruby Red Grapefruit. The tree was a Christmas gift, and is now happily taking root in it's new home.
Thanksgiving, 2004. The table is set, the turkey has been brined and roasted, the food is on, and we're about ready to sit down and eat.
Creighton, Marcelo, Rick, Mike, and I had a great Thanksgiving celebration, all having much to be thankful for.
Camping at Tomoka State Park, near Ormond Beach, Florida, October, 2004.  Rick, Creighton, and Marcelo, relaxing at the campsite.
All four of us are "happy campers" and here's the proof.  All packed up and about ready to leave....
September, 2004.  Rick and Marcelo joined me at Creighton's home for an evening of swimming, eating, movies, and games. A good time was definitely had by all.
My kitchen "wall of food" with the addition of the food clock (top center).  It is the perfect accent for this area, and I needed a clock that does not depend on the power company, anyway.  Now to get them all in sync.....!
My caladiums. Yes, I planted about 140 caladium bulbs (tubers, actually) under this Crape Myrtle tree this spring.  Finally finished and put some mulch down. Looks great, and will look even better when the Crape Myrtle blooms, which should be soon, very soon.
A cardinal at my bird feeder, thanks to a good camera with digital zoom. I was amazed at how close I managed to get, too, but I'm still about 20 feet away....
As you can see, I've made some headway in decorating here. Still has some work needed, but have not decided exactly what yet. 
This is the entry way. You can see the above metal piece on the wall. On the right is the living room with my Palm Tree.  You can see I still have a ways to go with this area.  The Palm tree, the flamingo, the plants... still needs something... hold tight, I do have some ideas...
My first ever visit to JoAnn fabrics resulted in this piece of burlap, which I mounted on a piece of plywood I cut out, edged in rope to give it a "cloud" feel. Now the 3-D metal piece really looks good, whereas before it just melted into the wall.
Here you can see the carpet, end tables, coffee table, and lamps I got recently.  Not the best picture in the world, but you get the idea!
Voila!  Yes, the table is in place, along with everything it was designed to hold.  And, what a wonderful design it turned out to be, too!
September, 2003:  This is the table I built.  It is in the office and holds two computers on the bottom if needed, and my printer and scanner on the top.  Since I could not find one that met my needs anywhere, I built this one.
December 2002 - On my trip to Wisconsin, I stopped to visit Uncle Tom and Aunt Virginia.  Aunt Virginia passed away in October, 2003, and Uncle Tom this March . Rest in Peace.
April, 2003: The fruits of my labor: red volcanic rock has replaced the mulch around the front of our landscape.  One load down, and about 5 more to go, to complete the project all around the house!

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