Christmas 2005



Here are some photos from my Christmas in 2005. Click on the thumbnail to see the full size photo

Here is the outside of the house.
The entry way. Notice to the right of the door, my Christmas Cactus is blooming. Does so every year. I guess it thrives on general neglect, but a bit of watering.....
Pre-Christmas preparations. Lisa, Ewa, Joe, and Steve all get together at my house to make pierogies. Of course, we did have to try them.... delicious!
Here are some scenes from inside....
Christmas Eve - Wigilia - With the help of Joe and Ewa, we had a traditional Polish Christmas eve celebration, a many course, meatless meal, with a bit of Luksusowa (Polish vodka) between courses for the brave and daring among us....
Here, the table is being set.  There were 10 of us for dinner.
Ewa is getting the first course ready. The first course included many dishes that Ewa and Joe made and brought, including a traditional potato salad, cucumber salad, two types of herring, and a nice hearty bread served with butter from Poland. Of course, we started the meal by sharing the oplatek.
Tom and Rick's Mom on the patio.
Me and Rick's Mom in front of the fireplace.
Creighton and Dave on the patio.
Creighton and Rick share a moment.
Dave, Tom, Ewa, and Joe perusing the calendar....
Rick's Mom opening a gift.
Creighton, Ewa, and Marcelo watching Rick open a gift.
Creighton opening his "bartender's set." An inside joke.  Sorry, no pictures of the fire extinguisher he got for Tom and me!
Joe and Ewa opening a gift.
Just say "no!" Actually, I am quite surprised by this very precious and memorable gift from Mom and Dad.....
How nice, a set of elves that spell out L-E-O-N. Of course, a few would say they're really meant to say NOEL, but I know better....!
Christmas Day - Celebration and Dinner at Creighton's house.
The "king" in his kitchen... preparing Mimosa's for all!
Rick's Mom and Mike, getting ready to eat. There was food enough for all....and then some. And it was wonderful!
Rick and Marcelo.
Larry and Mike at dinner.
Later that eve, Tom opens one of the gifts from me... a set of IU boxer shorts!. IU is Indiana University, Tom's alma mater. He has a wide collection of clothes and other memorabilia that say "IU" on them....

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