2005 WI Trip



I journeyed north in search of cooler weather over the Fourth of July weekend in the summer of 2005. Escaping the 90+ degree Florida heat, I found welcome relief in Wisconsin, where the temps were in the 70s for a high--and dipped into the 50s at night. I had to borrow a heavy coat!  Here are some of the pictures from that trip.

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An old farm in the country near Willard, WI.
Cindy, one of the birthday celebrants. Sweet 29...and holding....
Donna and Dan, at West Fourteenth, which is on 13th street.  Go figure. We're here for our Fish Fry!
Two of the princesses
"Kemo Sabe, me see um coming up the hill."
"Now what the heck is Dad looking for, another lawn to mow?'
George and Cindy's pond with an island in it. My definition of "serenity."
Grandma and granddaughter, sharing a moment.
Good looks run in the family!  But who is this tall kid?
Dad relaxing.  He's retired, so this is his full time job now.
Joe is mentoring his younger cousins, no doubt giving them tutelage in the finer arts of beer drinking. I'm sure belching is right around the corner.
Proof that I was there.
My brother-in-law the Cyclops, Perry.  Wonder what he's looking for?
It's George's birthday party, so why's he cooking. Well, at least he has two supervisors. Must be a government job.
The picture of summer relaxation.
And even better picture of summer relaxation, with maybe a bit of childhood remembrance thrown in.
Water Sports, Konieczny style.
Sing around the campfire...minus the singing.
The setting for the pre-fireworks party, in Dan and Mary's back yard.
George obviously loves having his picture taken.....
George and Cindy.
Lots of food ready....and it was a great meal!
Some of the fireworks. It was truly an awesome show, and our seats were within 50 yards of them. Truly spectacular.
Fourth of July, and we're having Dad's three beer chicken.
The cook and the boss.
Mom, looking a bit pensive!

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