Memorial Day



Memorial Day, 2006. A day that will live in infamy. Well, not really. But on the day before Memorial Day, we had a Memorial Day party. Why party till late at night when you have to work the next day. Here are some pictures from that memorable event.

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Food -- or course there was plenty of it, including these three racks of baby back ribs. I'd brined them, then coated them with a secret rub, and let them sit a bit before heading to the smoker
Kinda a disturbing picture. These are the Cornish Hens, sitting on half full beer cans, awaiting their move to the smoker.
The smoker is going full steam ahead here. I used hickory chips to give all the smoky flavor.
A quick peek inside
Sarah helping herself, with her dad, Tom, and Joe coming along behind.   Mark and Brenda chowing down.
Sarah, graphically demonstrating how delicious the meal is. Dale Marie and Ewa, also chomping away.
After dinner, games! Rick, Marcelo, Tom, Sarah, and Dale Marie are playing Taboo. Either arguing a point, or trying to get the others to guess the word... but sure looks like fun.
Rick's mom and his brother, Mike. She's telling me to put the camera away. Guess it didn't work, huh? Rick and Marcelo.
Joe and Ewa. Mark, Rick, Marcelo, and Brenda.
Joe, Ewa, Rick's mom, and Mike. Rick and Marcelo share a humorous moment.
Connie parked in "her" chair! Tom and Brenda.
Sarah. Dale Marie, drinking again (water, in this case!)
Sarah and Tom. Rick, Dale Marie, and Marcelo in the living room.
Tom, Brenda, and Mark, sharing a joke. Joe, Connie, Ewa, and Tom.
Dancing! Dale Marie and Brenda, with Mark overseeing. Dale Marie and Tom, showing us how it's done.
Tom and Sarah--with chaperones. Sarah is boogie-ing while Brenda supervises.
Brenda and Tom, really enjoying themselves. I think Dale Marie was "getting down" in this one!
Brenda and Sara, with Mark to supervise.  

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