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Every spring, my parents and other relative join the migration to Florida from the cold northern climates. Here they take on some color and enjoy our warm Florida winter weather.  Mom and Dad were down this year and stayed for a bit. Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary joined us for a nice few days as all. As always, it was a nice time and we did some touristy things...but not the run of the mill "theme park" thing. Here is some of the evidence:

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Fair is fair! Mom's always feeding me when I go up there, so I fed them when they were here....or at least tried to. Here we are just after they arrived, settling down to a nice dinner. And just for the record, Mom still cooked more than I did when they were here. But then again, there is just nothing on this earth as good as your mom's home cooking!
Easter Sunday, and a group of us gathered at my house for dinner. The feast was made all the better because, though I did the majority of the cooking, I had a sous chef -- Mom!  From left to right, Laura (Rick's mom), Mom, Dave, Dad, David, Me, and (hiding to get out of the picture--and succeeding), Creighton.
Easter Sunday, a nice picture of Marcelo, Rick, and Laura, Rick's mom.
Easter Sunday, Dave, Dad, Creighton, and Marcelo on the porch, enjoying a beautiful Florida spring day.
Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill, posing for a picture. They had been on the west coast of Florida for a month, then stopped over here for a few days. We all had a nice visit. Sure glad they stopped in and stayed a few days!
Mom and Dad at the Riverwalk in Sanford, along Lake Monroe. Lake Monroe is more of a very wide point in the St. John's River, the same river where we later took and airboat ride (see below).
Again, Mom and Dad along the Sanford Riverwalk.
We had a beautiful airboat ride on the St. John's River, near Christmas, east of Orlando. Here we are on the boat. It is not true that Dad wanted to keep those ear-protectors for use at home!
Literally yards away, we saw a lot of alligators along the St. Johns, sunning themselves and eyeing us warily.
One of the best shots I got, a little island of cypress trees along the St. Johns. If you look carefully, you can see that the bottom 3 feet or so of the trees are dark--that is how high the water was last fall after our three hurricanes. It has gone down quite a bit from that!
Hard to see, maybe (and we're glad we had binoculars along), but the bird in the center is an American Bald Eagle.  We were fortunate to see it take off and fly away. Very impressive and a rare site.
Mom and Dad, posing for a picture just before taking off to return to the northern climate.  I suppose there should have been some tear here, because they were leaving our warm weather.  But take heart, spring will come to Wisconsin, though a bit later than down here in sunny Florida!

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