Hayes Vacation



Tom, Donna, Kirsten, and Sean graced me with their presence over the Christmas Holiday in December, 2003.  Here is some of the evidence!

Riding the big Kahuna waves at Universal's City Walk.
On the beach at Ponce Inlet.
On the beach. The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse is in the background.
Donna and Tom, enjoying the surf, sand, and sun.
A quiet moment, watching the surfers, no doubt!
Who's that girl?
Anyone know this guy?
Walking on the beach
At the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.  Kirsten and Sean were so excited to go here, and we had to drag them away.
The one, the only....
After the skies cleared, it was a brilliant sunset on the beach.
See how they love one another...

Tom, once again, at the beach.  No body surfing this day, however....

Tom, enjoying his morning coffee in the sunshine on the porch.
December 24th was Donna's Birthday. I think it was her 29th....yet again.  Anyhow, though I don't have any pictures of her blowing out the candles (nor of the fire department responding to all the flame), I do have a few pictures of her birthday cake posted here, at the bottom of the page.  Take a look.  It was a special cake I made and decorated just for her!
Christmas Eve, Tom opening a present.
Donna opens a Christmas Eve present.
Kirsten seems happy opening a gift!
Sean is taking pictures... he's the camera-meister!
The Hayes family, gathered together for dinner in the evening, after a long day of Theme-parking!
Now here's a man who knows what vacation is all about.  Right on, Tom!
The Hayes family, gathered together to eat breakfast. 
Sean and Kirsten wanted their picture taken by the palm trees in the back yard.
More proof of their Florida vacation.  Yes, it was that warm out in December.... no jackets required!
The kids by the Christmas tree.
The parents, by the tree.
A family picture, taken by my Christmas tree. A special request of my mom.
OK, I just had to weasel my way into one of these photos, too!
Ready to leave, and saying goodbye.  It was sure an enjoyable time!

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