I like to cook.  And I like to remember it.  So, when I cook, I take lots of pictures of the food, the preparation, the table, the table setting. You name it!  Ask anyone and they'll tell you: "When Leon says, 'Dinner's on,' don't sit down yet unless you want your picture taken. 'Dinner's on' is a euphemism for 'time to take pictures of the food.'"

Occasionally, people do get in my food pictures, but I usually try to shoo them away!

Warning: I cook with fat, butter, whole milk, and a hundred other yummy ingredients, guaranteed to make your tummy grow.  Just looking at these pictures can be fattening.  Ok, you've been warned!

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01-15-00 Party Pics33.jpg (79225 bytes) We had quite a party in January 2000, with lots and lots of food. Where did we put it all?
03-31-00 Pierogi07.jpg (58903 bytes) Pierogi.  Emeril style.  Yumm. See the recipe.
04-09-00 Smothered Burrito Dinner17.jpg (86890 bytes) Smothered Burritos.  There is not recipe. Secret for this delight were handed down by my friend Guy. It never turns out exactly the same twice in a row. But its always good.
05-29-00 Dinner15.jpg (57295 bytes) Strawberries and Whipped Cream on Pecan Shortbread.  Just looking at this picture will add an inch to your waist.
06-11-00 Leon's Birthday Celebration27.jpg (68150 bytes) Poppy Seed cake.  I waited several months for Solo Foods to get this recipe on their web site so I could make it.
07-02-00 Dinner12.jpg (61214 bytes) Fourth of July Dinner, 2000.  Brats (and beer, of course).  A real Wisconsin treat in the heart of Florida.
07-16-00 Cake05.jpg (58715 bytes) My first decorated cake!  I was trying a lot of new things on this cake, so there is no "theme," just different doo-dads, to use the technical terms.
07-23-00 Dinner11.jpg (64373 bytes) Orange Crepes - All I can say is, "WOW!" Quite the taste treat.  Perhaps helped by a half cup of Grand Marnier.  I love playing with fire (hehe). The recipe is on my recipes page.
07-30-00 Cake Decorating07.jpg (65523 bytes) Here's another cake I decorated.  The decorations got a little "busy." but I liked doing the basket weave on top.  The text reads "Happy 25th Anniversary George and Cindy."
09-02-00 Mike's Birthday and Dinner15.jpg (48757 bytes) I decorated a cake for Rick's brother, Mike, on his birthday.  The colors turned out so-so, a little boring, if you ask me.
09-02-00 Mike's Birthday and Dinner23.jpg (69884 bytes) Just chicken cooked on the grill..... on a bed of fettucine and garnished with some orange slices.  I think the presentation turned out very nice for this one!
10-01-00 Dinner08.jpg (68301 bytes) This is an apple crisp with a "secret" ingredient: craisins, which are dried cranberries, raisin style.  The picture turned out very good!
11-04-00 Rick's Mom's Birthday17.jpg (72285 bytes) A cake I decorated for Rick's Mom's birthday (it was her 65th, but there wasn't room for all those candles!).  It turned out very nice.  I think the colors are awesome, except for the blue writing.  I am learning....
7-28-01 Dinner.jpg (69643 bytes) Homemade Pasta (Spinach fettuccine) with Chicken Alfredo sauce.  Just looking at this adds about an inch to my waist!
7-29-01 Dinner.jpg (52995 bytes) From my "ice cream phase." Homemade Coconut Ice Cream with homemade chocolate sauce.  Mmmmm!
8-26-01 Dinner02.jpg (86662 bytes) This is a picture almost right out of Gourmet Magazine!  But no, it's a Potato and Gruyere Cheese Gratin.  Yes, it does taste as good as it looks.
9-3-01 Dinner01.jpg (71012 bytes) Chicken Carbonara, Served over Bow Tie Pasta.  Iced Tea on the side with a bit of home grown mint for a garnish! 
9-3-01 Dinner02.jpg (78758 bytes) Another homemade Ice Cream with homemade Chocolate Sauce.  This time the Ice Cream is Chocolate.  Very, very, VERY good.  And rich.  And creamy. And well worth the time, effort, and expense.  Can you tell I like this one?
10-13-01 Dinner.jpg (44683 bytes) Leon's famous homemade Pizza.  I'm getting pretty good at this! You can tell it's homemade cuz it's not really exactly round! Quite tasty!
10-21-01 Dinner01.jpg (84726 bytes) Emeril's Pierogi in the background, Iced Tea with mint and a glass of Merlot in the foreground. Quite the feast!
10-21-01 Dinner02.jpg (51871 bytes) Roasted Tomato Soup.  This turned out truly superb.  Meaty, a great tomato taste, and quite creamy, too. Oops, now my mouth is watering!
10-28-01 Dinner01.jpg (80632 bytes) White Bean and Chicken Chili. Yumm!  Quite spicy, too.
10-28-01 Dinner02.jpg (87467 bytes) The White Bean And Chicken Chili, pictured with Mexican Corm Bread, and the ever-present Iced Tea with mint. Whadda meal!
03-08-02 Breakfast of mini Quiche Lorraine in a savory crepe crust.
03-09-02 Dinner.  Beef Stew with Mustard Dumplings and a Potato Gratin with Gruyere cheese.
03-09-02 Dinner.  Dessert, actually.  Strawberries on home made shortcake. 
04-06-02 Apricot Nectar Cake. Rick's first Birthday Cake on his special day.
Rick's second Birthday Cake.  Inside is a homemade Chocolate layer cake.  The three layers are separated by a black cherry filling.  Buttercrème frosting tops it all off.
Sunday, April 20, 2002.  I made a frittata for brunch.  Mmmmm!
Sometimes, the picture alone makes my mouth water.  Nothing special here, just a Chicken Casserole.... yumm!
Peach Cobbler.  Best peaches I've ever had. 
Refrigerator Bread N Butter Pickles. These turned out so good, there are none left.
Firecrackers.  A few hot peppers in the brine make these pickled carrots warm, even when just out of the 'fridge!
No recipe.  Just banana crepes.  Yumm.  A bit of brown sugar, some butter, some Amaretto, and bam!
Septermber, 2002.  I decorated a cake for Mike's 40th birthday. Including some black frosting, of course!
Fish N Chips, Good Eats style.  If you don't know about Good Eats with Alton Brown, you're missing a lot!
November, 2002. Rick's mom's birthday, and I decorated a cake.  Upside down, it spells "WoW."
A closer view of some of the decorations.  I was very pleased with how they turned out.  Practice makes perfect!
November, 2002. Home Brew. World's best. Yes, I made my first batch of home-brewed beer, and here's the proof. It actually tasted like beer, had a head on it, and even had a bit of a kick to it.  I was quite surprised at how easy it was.
November, 2002.  I made the absolutely world's best stuffed grilled pork chops.  They were out of this world. 
Thanksgiving, 2002.  Turkey and Dressing...  I make the world's best dressing, too.  Try my recipe sometime!
Sweet potato balls.  I've had some many requests for this recipe, that I will -- one of these days -- post it, too, on my web site.
The cake I decorated for Rick's Mom's Birthday, November, 2003
Another view, this time with the layers. Chocolate and Yellow cake layers with a Raspberry/orange "filling" or glue to hold them in place
November 2003. Deviled Eggs.  Mmmm.
November, 2003.  Creamed corn, a recipe from Aunt Virginia;  Dijon Stuffing; Pecan Crusted Chicken.
December 24, 2003.  My baby sister's Birthday cake.  Can you tell that she's into lighthouses?  The previous day we were to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse here in Florida, and it is gracing her cake, too.
Another view.  Gotta have a few palm trees on a Florida Christmas Birthday cake, right??

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