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Mary and Dan came down on New Year's Day 2006, along with all their kids, Kali, Lexi, and Kyle. On January 2nd, we went to the Capital One Bowl game where the Wisconsin Badgers whupped ass on Auburn--a great game. We had a nice time I was fortunate enough to get a few days off as well. Here's some of the evidence.

It was New Year's Day, so of course we had to have a lot of treats and sweets!
And yes, I kept them coming. Eventually, we even ate dinner, too!
New Years Day; Dave with Lexi, Kali, and Mary.
Mary and Dan on the porch.
The whole family in "the world's most famous beach" -- Daytona Beach.
Not bad for January 3rd, huh?
Mary, in front of the Daytona Beach Pier. Since it was right after New Years, the beach was very empty.... more space for us! Did you know I've heard that some people take beer there and pour it in old McDonald's cups and drink on the beach?
"Relaxation"  -- If you could put that in a picture, this is it!
Lexi about to be buried alive.....
A headless Lexi.
This picture says it all. Some people sure know how to relax!
Father and Son. Kyle is all "boy" -- and sporting the good looks that run in the family!
We took a boat ride down the St. John's River from Blue Springs park (where we say a bunch of Manatees). This picture of Lexi turned out fantastic!  Good looks do run in the family, you know!
Eating also must run in the family. I have know idea where Kyle put this rack of ribs, but he cleaned it up when we went to Universal City Walk to eat at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville!
Kali, Kyle, and Lexi, sharing some dessert. Kyle was still hungry after this!
The three of them at Universal City Walk, with Hard Rock Cafe in the background.

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