WI Trip 2004



In June, 2004, I journeyed to Wisconsin for my nephew's wedding.  You can see Joe and Jen's Wedding Pics elsewhere on my web site.  But here are some other photos from that trip!

Relaxing on Mary and Dan's patio, drinking a few Coronas, before the required Fish Fry

Proof that we did go to a fish fry. Don't want the WI Fish Fry police to ticket us!

A few of the more sedate and shy members of our party. Who are these kids, anyway??

Enjoying a late night fire. Just us and the mosquitos!

Mr. Music Man himself!

At Mom and Dad's house

Mom and Dad's house

The peonies are just finishing their blooming....

Mom's beautiful flower garden.

A rose, taken at Whitnall Park's Boerner Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee, WI.

Another Rose.

Yet another...

Still more, still gorgeous!

And more....

Jean, at the Botanical Gardens.

I was there, too!

Another view of the gardens

Yet another view of this piece of peaceful paradise....

My friend Bill and I ventured to the Milwaukee lakefront and the art center.

A view of the Art Center....

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