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Bike Week 2005 -- Bike Week is a huge event, held late every winter in Daytona Beach. Bikers from all over the country--and even other countries--flock to Daytona for a week of riding and festivities.  Literally hundreds of thousands of bikers descend on the city for 9 days of partying, riding, and comradeship. 

On Saturday, March 5th, Rick, Jeff, Marcelo, Mauro, and I took a ride up to Daytona for Bike Week. Zillions of bikes were everywhere. Accordingly, there was quite a lot of stop and go traffic, especially downtown. But we had a beautiful day for a rid and had a great time. Here are some of my pics from the day.

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Here is a map of where we were yesterday.  If you look close, you'll notice we never did make it to downtown Daytona Beach... the traffic was just to slow.  But we still had a nice day riding along the ocean and enjoying the sights and sounds of lots of bikes everywhere.
Here we are, about 11 AM, ready to start out. The weather was wonderful, temps in the 60s when we left, and rising well into the 70s later. Left to right, Marcelo, Rick, Jeff, Mauro.
Here we are, outside the Osteen Diner which was our first stop. Good home cooking at a reasonable price. The place is always full and always has lots of bikers there.
Here I am, outside the Osteen Diner. No fool, I know how to dress for biking!
Rick, Marcelo, me, Mauro, and Jeff, inside the Osteen Diner. Thanks to an unnamed local who took this for us. He asked us where we were from (a many bikers around from all over the country). Had a good laugh when we said "Orlando!"  (photo courtesy of Rick and Marcelo)
Mauro, Rick, and Marcelo, at one of our frequent stops
Here we are again, stopped right off the Halifax River (Intracoastal Waterway) along beach street.
A view of just a few of the many bikes.  Literally hundreds of thousands of bikes all over the place. Quite load at times, too, as you may imagine.
We rode to the lighthouse at Ponce Inlet, too.
Even the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse welcomes bikers. There were quite a few there, and it's a popular ride.
Me, in front of the Lighthouse.
Rick, relaxing and playing keyboard in front of the fire at my place after we returned late in the evening.
Mauro and Marcelo, relaxing as well.
Last but not least, me, in front of the fireplace.

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