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Bike Week 2005
Biketoberfest 2003
Ormond Loop
Croom 05-17-03
May 03 Ride

We've had a few events and gatherings with some of the people I work with at AT&T, and others.  Yes, I know, you're wondering how we can stand each other more than 40 hours a week.  Well, sometimes we do.  And sometimes, we actually "hang out" together after work.  The pages here are some of the pictures I've taken during some of those "outside of work" events and gatherings.

Biketoberfest, 2003 - Once again, a group of us went on a ride to Daytona International Speedway for some Biketoberfest fun!

Ormond Loop - Yes, a group of us did the famous Ormond Loop on Saturday, August 9th, 2003. Here is the evidence!

Croom 05-17-03 - Yes, we went offroading to a State Park designate for just that purpose.  We had a wonderful time, and even got a chance to play in the mud.  Here's the evidence!

May 03 Ride -- Went on a nice motorcycle ride on May10, 2003 with friends Jeff and Jim.  Went to the Ocean Deck in Daytona for lunch, then up to Ormond Beach, over to the Ocala National Forest, and back home.  Was a great ride, about 120 miles all told.

Nick!  -- Hey, he deserves his "own" page.  Here's some pictures of Nick Osofsky, our dirt bike riders.  Or, in reality, I guess we're his "groupies" since we turn out to seem him ride every time!

Dirt Biking --  Yes, we went Riding to the Ocala National Forest recently.  April 19, 2003.  Here is the evidence.  Includes a large and long Real Media (RM) file....  for those with Broadband access!

November 02 Moto Ride -- We had a nice ride with friends to Ponce Inlet, Daytona Beach, and points beyond.....

Biketoberfest 2002 -- Went with a group from Cycle Riders of Longwood to Biketoberfest and had a blast!

Moto Ride 09-07-02 -- We took a nice ride up through the Ocala National Forest and back.... though not necessarily the most direct route!

Archive -- Here are some of my older pictures... take a look!

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