May 03 Ride



We went on a nice long ride on Saturday, May 10, 2003, with some friends. Here is the evidence!

Here is a map of our ride.  We put on 143.9 miles, according to my GPS, start to finish.  According to the GPS, my fastest speed was 86.3, but I'll swear that at one point when I looked at the speedometer, after passing Jeff, it read 93....that made me slow down!
Here are out babies, ready to roll for the day.  This picture was taken in front of our garage at home.
Here we are, all lined up in front of Jim's house.
The Ocean Deck in Daytona Beach.  Yes, it's right on the beach.  We stopper here for dinner.
Here we are inside the Ocean Deck.  Yes, that's the Atlantic Ocean in the background.  What are we doing inside??  It was friggin' hot out, we weren't about to eat outiside...this was our chance to cool down.
It's Jim's fault.  That's obvious from this photo, ain't it?
The sport bikes of the group, all lined up.  My baby is in the front.  Any my baby's bike is in the back. 

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