Dirt Biking 04-19-03



We went to the Ocala National Forest for a day of Dirt Bike Riding on the Saturday before Easter.  Here are just a few of the pics!

The pit crew, loading a few of the bikes in Rick's Truck.
Rick's truck is loaded and ready to roll.  Trusty number 420, finely tuned and ready to take on the dusty trails, sits alongside the recently recovered* number 20.
The serene setting: Of  course, we probably all glow in the dark now (we are under the power lines), but we had this area all to ourselves.
Number 420, ready to roll, along with it's rider and chief mechanic, Rick.  Rick took this bike that wouldn't start and lovingly overhauled it.  Runs like a top now.
Another view of Rick's sweetheart: the 420 machine!
Terry and Dave, tooling around.
Jeff on his mean, lean, 250 cc machine, the 79er!
"The Pond" -- a nice little track around a pond.  A bit of sand, a bit of mud, a bit of muck....and loads of fun!
Rick, on his way, about to tear up the trails.
Rick, returning from another romp in the wilderness.

Dirt Biking--
The Movie!

OK, here is the movie.  You need broadband to see this thing, it's a Real Media file.  Take a look, it's a compendium of the day's activities! It's just over 9 minutes, 14 Megs... be prepared.  But well worth it.  
*recently recovered:  yes, some scumbags stole all of Dave's Dirt bikes a while back.  Some good detective work and hard work by the Seminole County Sheriff's Department resulting in the (mostly) safe return of two of them....after paying ridiculous "towing" fees to some fleabag of a towing company.  But they are back, safe and sound.  Now only two more to go. UPDATE: The last two were also recovered.  Dave is one happy guy, now!

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