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Biketoberfest 2002
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OK.  I've archived some of the older pages her.  Take a look.  Use the buttons at the left to navigate, please.

Camping - Some camping pics from our late April, 2002, camping trip.

Moto Cross 3 Pix - April 20, 2002.  A beautiful day, a beautiful night to be at the races.  Had another great time, and here's the evidence.

Moto Cross 2 Pix - Another night at the races with food, friends, and fun. April 06, 2002.  Also happened to be Rick's Birthday!

Moto Cross 1 Pix  - We've been spending some of our time following Nick Osofsky, the MotoCross Racer extraordinaire.  And his daredevil dad, dashing, mad,  MotoMaxx (Dave) Osofsky.  Check out some of the recent pictures from March 02, 2002....

Disney Day Pix - On February 9, 2002, a group of us gathered at the Magic Kingdom to find out what makes it magic.  It turns out it was our participation.  See the verification photos.

Party Pix - We had a holiday gathering in December 2001 at our house.  Here is the evidence.

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