November Moto Ride



On Saturday, November 16th, a group of us got together for a fun-filled motorcycle ride to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and points beyond.  Here are some of the pictures--evidence of that day.

We left from our house just a bit after 9 AM.  Here's a shot of all the bikes, ready to roll. The Temperature at the time we took off was not quite 40 degrees you... a very chilly day.
Our First stop of this cold and chilly morning was the Osteen Diner... we wanted to make sure no one was freezing to death.
Here we are, all lined up at the Osteen Diner.
We made it to our destination, the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.  Here we're gathered around Jeff, awaiting the details of his little "detour."
The lighthouse in the background, our bikes in the foreground....
Here I am, in front of the group and the lighthouse.  Yes, we did go in... see below.
Paul, Jim, Rick, and Jeff, Renato, and Otto. 
Steve, Jim, Edwin, Renato, and Paul and Jeff
The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. It's the tallest lighthouse in Florida.  Beautifully restored grounds and building, too.  A very nice place for a day trip.
What more can I say?
On top of the of the lighthouse, that is.  Steve, Rick, Jim, and Jeff.
A view of the jetty by the inlet, take from atop the lighthouse. The actual inlet is just to the right (south).
Here's Rick.
Here's Leon.
Looking down from the top.  It was a long ways up, but an easy trip down.
In front of the Ocean Deck in Daytona Beach. This is where we stopped for lunch, at a table overlooking the world's most famous beach
Our mascot, keeping a watch of where we've been....

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