Moto Ride 09-07-02



Saturday AM, September 7, 2002. We went with a group of friends to Salt Springs and back:

Click on the thumbnails below to see the full size pictures:

Jeff, Renato, and Steve.  Perhaps they are admiring Jeff's new pipes?
Dave, Me, Denise, Tom, Paul, and Jeff.  Perhaps talking about Rick's Katana... or perhaps discussing Paul's Ducati....
Rick and Dave, pondering the meaning of life over Dave's Ninja 500
Tom, Denise, Paul, Steve, Renato, Jim, and Jeff, behind Denise's Harley. It only needs a first name....
Dave, ready to roll
This swamp buggy was parked by the restaurant in Salt Springs.  A real work of art....or....?? And yes, that is a plywood roof....



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