Biketoberfest 2002



Sunday, October 20, 2002.  Biketoberfest is in full swing in Daytona Beach.  And Cycle Riders Bike shop sponsored a ride to Biketoberfest.  Rick and I joined the ride, along with Jeff and Jim.  If you'd like to see the route we took, click here.

Cycle Riders had reserved parking and a hospitality tent set up on the infield at Daytona International Speedway. They had free soft drinks and hot dogs and chips for all the riders.  About 40 people left the Longwood shop at 9 AM for a leisurely ride, and about an equal number came from the Orlando Cycle Riders location, all ending up at Daytona. 

Below are some of the pictures I took from our Biketoberfest 2002 experience.  It was a grand time!

Here is a view of many of the Bikes parked by Cycle Riders of Longwood, waiting for the ride to begin.
Another view of the bikes parked and ready to ride.  As you can tell, the majority of the bikes on this ride were sport bikes....and there were some very sporty bikes there, too!
We parked when we first got to the speedway to make a brief pit stop.  I had never been to the Speedway before, and was quite impressed!
A view of the bikes parked at the Cycle Riders Hospitality tent. Rick and Jim are here, and Jeff is directly behind Rick.
Another view of the hospitality area.
Entertainment included several bike races, and here's a rider on one of them.  We even saw a few crashes (no one was hurt). 
Here we are in the stands watching the action behind us as well as in front of us. Remember, we're in the infield, so there is racing all around us. 
Another view of the hospitality area.
My bike is in the foreground here, with my red jacket thrown over it. I gotta replace it with a yellow jacket, though.  Them's the rules!
A group of bikes at another hospitality area.  Notice the fluorescent green custom paint job on the bike in the foreground.  It was awesome!
Sport bikes everywhere!  Though the main thrust of Biketoberfest caters towards Harleys and cruiser type bikes, there were lots of sport bikes where we were.  We were with "our own kind!"
More of the hospitality area, with my bike prominently featured in the foreground.  Yes, I did purposely park it to be seen!
Some of the pros set up along the speedway....between races at the moment.
More pro bikes.  These even had little tire warmer jackets on them.  how cute!
The victory area.  Notice the trophy on the ground in the center of the picture.
Victory Lane.
Never, ever, wash your bike with Rogaine. The result is a shaggy bike like this one!
The pits.
More pro bikes in the pits. Jim, Jeff, and Rick are inspecting.
More pro bikes
The Mountain Dew bike.  Need I say more?
Another tricked out bike.  So much chrome on it, you'd have thought it was a Harley at first glance.



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