Ormond Loop



A whole bunch of us went on a great ride on Saturday, August 9th.  We did the famous Ormond Loop. What a gorgeous ride it was. Afterwards, we stopped for dinner at The Wreck in Dayton.  And met up with the stragglers who did not make the 9 AM "kickstands up" time. A good time was had by all, and here's the evidence!

Hint: Click on the thumbnail to see the full size photo. Note: these are reduced in size for the web.  Anyone wanting the original high quality digital image (about 4x the full size here) should email me direct. And thanks to Jim for shooting a bunch of these at The Wreck!

Ride Overview: This is the route we took.  A great ride, about 127 miles from my house, all told!
The Start: Meeting at AT&T in Lake Mary, 9 AM

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Our First Break: corner of 44 and 415.  Right, smack dab in the middle of butt-fuck Florida (i.e. nowhere)!
Break 2: Sunrise Park in Holly Hill, along the Halifax River
Dinner and a cool place to rest: The Wreck in Daytona Beach. Hint: the stragglers met up with us here and joined us for lunch! (LOL)

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