Biketoberfest 2003



thatOctober 19, 2003.  Cycle Riders sponsored a ride to Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach.  We left Cycle Riders around 9 AM and arrived on the infield of Daytona International Speedway some time later.  Cycle Riders had reserved parking (on pavement, too, this year) and later served hot dogs, sodas, and chips.  They also had a drawing for some fantastic prizes. Our own Jim was one of the winners... he's now the proud papa of a new pair or saddlebags.  All in all, it was a great time on a beautiful day.  Below is some of the evidence.

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This is the route I took, both there and back.  On the ride on the way there, we went from Cycle Riders over to Markham Woods Road, then up Orange avenue, along the north side of Lake Monroe on Lakeshore Drive, then up 415 to the Speedway.  On the way back I came down I-4 to 44, took Lake Helen-Osteen road back, and then home through Sanford.
Gathering before the Ride.  Terry and Jim here.
Steve, Holly, and Jeff.
Cycle Riders of Longwood sponsored the ride and deserve thanks!
Some of the 60 or more bikes that were gathered, ready to ride.
Yours truly.
Jim, this one's for you!
Me, Terry, and Jeff.
We've made it to the Speedway, and Jim's gonna entertain us with a little soft shoe... or, is he just dancing for joy??
Jeremy, Holly, and Steve.
The Cycle Riders tent, pitched on the infield of the speedway.
Jeff and Terry.  Looks like they're enjoying the beautiful fall, Florida weather.
Some of the bikes lined up.  It's still early... the road will be packed, eventually. Sure was better parking than the cluster-f last year on the grass!
Some of the gang, relaxing.
Some of the Cycle Riders crew. They sure did a nice job.
Another view of some of the bikes gathered.
The Speedway.
Some of the gang, gathered in the bleachers, ready to watch some motorcycle racing.
The star of the show, the bike all turned out to see.... my  own little baby, my CBF600F4i.
More bikes.  But it's early yet.  Nice yellow bike near the front, huh?
There's that gorgeous yellow bike again, right in front of everything!
Starting to get a bit more crowded.
A closer look.
A nice bike...for a cruiser <grin>.
The man and his mean machine.... Jeff astride his Hyabusa!
Grilling hot dogs.
Bikes racing.
More bikes racing... sure would like to get out there.
Dave at age 50?  Who is this impostor?  Well, I thought it looked like Dave at age 50 after a week of non-stop Biketoberfest partying!
Bikes racing again.
Even More bikes.
The feature race started out with about 50 bikes... somewhere around 30 or which finished the 100 Kilometer race!
And yet more bikes.  Sure would be fun to do a few turns around the track.....

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