My "other" family

Ok, here's your chance to see me and some of the people who are near and dear to me.

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03-05-00 St Cloud Lakefront01.jpg (53142 bytes) Mom and Dad, at the lakefront in St. Cloud, Florida. This is on March 5th, 200, for all you poor shivering northerners
03-05-00 St Cloud Lakefront04.jpg (64178 bytes) Dad sitting in the sun at the lakefront in St. Cloud, Florida. A gorgeous, typical, spring day in Florida.
03-05-00 St Cloud Lakefront05.jpg (46996 bytes) Mom sitting in the sun at the lakefront in St. Cloud, Florida. A beautiful spring day, temperature in the 70s, sunny. mild....
03-05-00 Universal Studios City Walk19.jpg (66143 bytes) We (Mom, Dad, Rick, and I) went to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville restaurant at Universal Studios City Walk for an evening dinner and a good time.
03-05-00 Universal Studios City Walk20.jpg (54445 bytes) Here we are, sitting outside, waiting for our table.
03-05-00 Universal Studios City Walk-Margaritaville08.jpg (67409 bytes) Thanks for taking these pics, Rick. Good dinner, good company, good food...oh yeah....and good beer, too!
03-12-00 Dinner with the Folks04.jpg (67750 bytes) "Dinner with the Folks."  Need I say more?
03-12-00 Mom Outside03.jpg (95272 bytes) Mom by our orange tree. She had orange blossoms in her wedding flowers (some years ago).
06-11-00 Leon's Birthday Celebration17.jpg (58479 bytes) My birthday.  Just a few past 29, I'm afraid...let me take off my shoes to count....
11-04-01 Leon on Crutches.jpg (75947 bytes) I  had arthroscopic surgery on my knee in the fall of 2002.  The left one.  Notice how they wrote "NO!" on the other one?  Here I am on crutches, all swelled up.  It healed quite fast, actually!
Hmmmm.... Looks like some homeless people on a park bench, maybe??  <grin>
Rick, Mom, and Dad.  March 9, 2002. We spent the day at the beautiful Bok Tower Gardens.
Here I am, in jail!  Or am I trying to get in somewhere?  Actually, part of the gate at Bok Tower Gardens.
Dad, Mike, Rick, Rick's Mom,  and Mom.  Or better yet: George, Mike, Rick, Laura, and Joanne.  A family dinner, March 10, 2002.
Me with Mom and Dad, as they prepare to depart, back to the cold hinterlands of Wisconsin.  March, 2002 was nice and warm in Florida, but a cold month in Wisconsin. They were lucky for half the month!
June, 2002.  Justin came down for a visit and to attend a convention.  Pictured here at Blue Springs Park.

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