My "other" family




Ok, here they are, in all their glory.... naked family pictures.  Well, you don't think I could get clothes on them, do you?  Not without plenty of bandages on hand.

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03-26-01 JoeBob.jpg (40207 bytes) Joe-Bob.  Officially known as Joseph Robert Socks IV, Joe Bob is our oldest and most mature (yeah, sure) cat.  He only sleeps 17:59 per day, versus the usual 18:00 full hours for a cat.
03-26-01 Orion.jpg (53354 bytes) Orion.  Named for the constellation.  Orion definitely has a mind of her own.  She loves to rub on our sandals.  Perhaps a food fetish? Or perhaps her way of saying "these don't go here."  You decide!
10-20-01 Our Cats.jpg (53165 bytes) Here are both of the little dears, showing off the skill they are best at--sleeping. 

Sabrina.  She has adopted us.  She hangs around, we feed here.  It's a cat's live, that's for sure.
"The gray one."  We have not named this cat.  We think it's a she.  An older cat, also hangs around.  Guess feeding tends to keep them around!


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