My parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in April, 2001.  They were married on April 14, 1951 at St. Hedwig's Catholic Church in rural Thorp, WI. 

These are some of the pictures I took at the celebration.  I guess I was too busy visiting to take a lot of pictures, but it sure was a fun time for all.  

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a0halldecorationmemorycorner.jpg (81937 bytes) One corner of the hall had mementos, including several picture boards, photos albums, and Mom's wedding dress.
a0Halldecorations1.jpg (46481 bytes) The hall (Knights of Columbus Hall in Marshfield, WI) was beautifully decorated. Mom made the favors, candles, etc.  
a0hallweddingdress.jpg (84313 bytes)  Mom's wedding dress.  It was hand sewn for her by her best friend, Mary Balistreri. Mom and Dad also introduced Mary to her future husband, Ranny.  Mom got to return the favor and sew Mary's wedding dress, too
a1MomandDad.jpg (28673 bytes) The happy couple.
a2Leon.jpg (30989 bytes) Me.  I'm the oldest, so I get to go first! 
a3Jeanfam.jpg (40300 bytes) The Heideman family.  My sister Jean, her husband Perry, and their children, Justin, Caitlin, and Rachel.
a4Georgefam.jpg (43531 bytes) The  Konieczny family.  My brother George, his wife Cindy, and their children, Jacob and Joe.
a5MaryFam.jpg (48225 bytes) The Williams Family.  My sister Mary, her husband Dan, and their children Kali, Kyle, and Alexis.
a6DonnaFam.jpg (49714 bytes) The Hayes family.  My sister Donna, her husband Tom, and their children Kirsten and Sean.
a6withgrandkids.jpg (65976 bytes) Proud grandparents with their grandkids.  I'm not sure who is luckier, the kids or the grandkids.  I know they all love each other very much.
a7onlyfam.jpg (70205 bytes) A few more gray hairs, a few years older, but we are glad to be together for this family picture.  
a8momANDdad.jpg (56238 bytes) Another view of the happy former newlyweds....50 years later!
a9leonagnes.jpg (45861 bytes) Me and my godmother, Aunt Agnes.
a9tableview1.jpg (67596 bytes) A view of the "children and family" table.
a9tableview2.jpg (64324 bytes) A view of the head table.  Introductions to follow below.
a9tableview4.jpg (72201 bytes) Another view of the hall.  Over 150 people joined us for the happy celebration and good food and drink and dancing.
aAmemanddad.jpg (51852 bytes) The tinkling of spoons on glasses forced the former newlyweds to kiss.  I don't think they minded at all. 
bwedpartycarol.jpg (56561 bytes) At the head table: John and Carol Szymanski.  Carol is mom's sister and stood up for the wedding, maid of honor.
bwedpartyfrank.jpg (59099 bytes) At the head table: Frank and Mona Szczech.  Frank is mom's brother and stood up for the wedding.  He is also my godfather.
bwedpartymarcia.jpg (65590 bytes) At the head table: Marcia Krueger and her daughter Carol Ann.  Marcia is dad's niece and was the flower girl at their wedding.

Not pictured

Not in attendance for the celebration, but a part of the original bridal Party:
--Joe Szczech, ring bearer, mom's brother (deceased).
--Theresa Warda, bridesmaid, mom's cousin, unable to attend.
--Eddie Dobrzynski, best man, dad's best friend, (deceased).
bwedpartymomanddad.jpg (51543 bytes) One last shot of the happy couple.  I know they had a great time and are happy and blessed in their family and friends.




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