Holidays happen all the time.  Then again, from a "day off of work" perspective, they are very few and far between.  Anyway, here's some holiday photos. Mostly, we use holidays to remember... be it previous holidays, events of a religious or secular nature, or just people.  I like the people remembering part, as I have many great holiday memories of the people who are special in my life.

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12-17-00 Christmas Baking02.jpg (57697 bytes) Christmas Baking:  I made a Stöllen this year (2000).  Actually, several LARGE ones.  Martha Stewart's recipe is fit to feed a large crowd.  
12-17-00 Christmas Cookies11.jpg (64778 bytes) I made and decorated a bunch of cut out cookies this year.  Using paste colors made the frosting very vivid.
12-24-00 Christmas Eve Cookies01.jpg (62323 bytes) More cookies and treats, all made by me (except the m&m's, of course....).
12-24-00 Christmas Eve Cooking Pierogi01.jpg (38532 bytes) Here's a view of the Pierogi Production Center.
12-24-00 Christmas Eve Cooking Pierogi06.jpg (49536 bytes) ...and here's a view of a bunch of the little buggers, all ready to be boiled!
12-25-00 Christmas Day Dinner01.jpg (70277 bytes) The table is all set for Christmas Day Dinner, Christmas 2000.  Ready, set, eat!
P4150023.jpg (74222 bytes) Easter 2001.  The table is all set, and we're about ready to dig in. Ham, a Gratin, and all the trimmings!
P4150027.jpg (71492 bytes) Easter. 2001 A double celebration.  HBR = Happy Birthday Rick.  It was Rick's birthday, too, so this cake I decorated did double duty!
PB221285.jpg (77275 bytes) Thanksgiving 2001.  The table is set.  The food is prepared and ready.  Let's eat!
PB221286.jpg (77133 bytes) Cornbread dressing served in a pumpkin.  A stuffed pumpkin, I guess.
PB221287.jpg (73812 bytes) The guest of honor.  Or at least one half of him.  This bird provided us with a fine feast!
Pan1.jpg (130855 bytes) Here it is: our home decorated for Christmas 2001.  A very patriotic theme, as you may be able to see. This is a panorama shot of the whole front of the house.  The colors are all red, white, and blue!
Easter. March 31, 2001.
Here is our simple Easter meal: Ham, green bean casserole, corn muffins, and a potato gratin.  Yumm!
The guest of honor: quite the ham!
Had to have dessert, of course.  Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, decorated with chocolate candies.  Think there might be a chocoholic in the family??  Hmmm....
Christmas 2002 found us with a very simple outside decoration.
Inside, the house was warm with the glow of Christmas lights.... and the fireplace helps, too.
The Christmas Dinner table is ready for us to sit down and partake of the feast.  We did eat our fill.... and then some!
Another view of the outside. 

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