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Many of the photos on this page are old Konieczny family photos, scanned by my cousin Barb.  A lot of them came from her mother, my aunt Margaret.

If you can help identify some of the people in these photos, I'd appreciate it.  Send an e-mail to me at leon@leonkonieczny.com.


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Old Photos, prior to 1950

Anton,Mary Haider.jpg (42903 bytes)

Anton and Mary Haider.

page7-3.jpg (63181 bytes)

George with a boy's bestfriends

page7-1.jpg (45485 bytes)

1934: Margaret, George, and Agnes.

page7-2.jpg (33545 bytes)

Perhaps my dad? 

page1-3.jpg (50609 bytes)

1934: Perhaps Margaret and Leon??

page1-1.jpg (44203 bytes)

Leon.  This web site bears his name.

page7-4.jpg (57264 bytes)

George (my dad) and Buster Rohland.

Margaret,Leon&Tom1920(est).jpg (43920 bytes)

Margaret, Leon, and Tom. About 1920.

Grandpa and Grandma Konieczny with Dennis.

Konieczny1948-3.jpg (48322 bytes)

The Konieczny family in 1948.

George and Joanne Konieczny

Stanley and Tootie Konieczny

Konieczny Reunion, 1948

Konieczny Cousins, 1954

lois,koniecznycousins1-1.jpg (34295 bytes) lois,koniecznycousins1-2.jpg (42676 bytes) lois,koniecznycousins1-3.jpg (34267 bytes) lois,koniecznycousins1-4.jpg (43494 bytes)
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lois,koniecznycousins2-1.jpg (38105 bytes) lois,koniecznycousins2-2.jpg (37154 bytes)
lois,koniecznycousins2-3.jpg (26752 bytes) lois,koniecznycousins2-4.jpg (33524 bytes) lois,koniecznycousins2-5.jpg (28741 bytes) lois,koniecznycousins2-6.jpg (18665 bytes)

Konieczny Cousins, 1953-1961

Want an electronic copy of any of these?  E-mail me and I'll be happy to send one back in .BMP format. The quality will be higher, too!




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