Ok, you've made it here.... now what?  Well, here are some of my favorite places to go, for whatever reason

  • Visit Perry's Web Site.  Home of the Happy Heidemans.  Sounds like a music group, doesn't it?  Actually the web site of, my sister, Jean, and her devoted husband, Perry.  
  • The Onion.  Has to be seen to be believed.  Not your ordinary web news site.  This is the news you don't get in your local paper!
  • FoodTV.  If you don't have Cable TV, you don't know what you're missing.  I can spend a whole evening watching food TV.  And yes, it does have calories....since it makes you want to cook and eat!
  • Excite. This site has gone a bit downhill since AT&T invested in it, but it's still my favorite for news.  Great for keeping track or your stocks, too.
  • The Motely Fool.  OK, I was foolish. I invested in the stock market, just as it hit its peak.  But I am confident it will rebound.  Can't say the same about all the stocks I purchased, though..... You can sign up and keep track or your portfolio here, too.
  • FOX News.  They claim to be unbiased.  They are certainly less biased than the major news networks, that's for sure.  To hell with CBS, NBC, and ABC. I get my national news on Cable, watching Fox News.
  • Neal Boortz.  If you've never had a chance to listen to the nationally syndicated Neal Boortz, show, you are really missing you.  Ask your favorite station to carry it.  Better yet, listen on the internet. 

Am I missing something you think I should have here? E-mail me!


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