If you've come to this page expecting a serious look at religion...move on and get a life!  Too many so-called religious people take themselves too damned seriously all the time.  Lighten up!  If you believe in god, then you must believe that god has a sense of humor, look at the platypus!  I rest my case.   And, if you've never experienced the Jesus Dance, here's your chance. 

Now, if you really want to know more about religion, take a look at these links:

  • Landover Baptist Church - Read all the latest news here.  If you've been saved -- or even if you haven't yet -- you need to read the latest and greatest news from all corners of Christianity, and here it is!

  • Jesus has returned, and he has a web page? Hallelujah!  If you want to know how he really feels about things, this is the place to go.  Now, I caution you, it appears Jesus isn't all that up to date on his page, and a few of the links are outdated, but I'm sure he'll return shortly with legions of angel to fix the errors. 

  • Ask Sister Rosetta - Sister Rosetta give advice and hope to all who struggle through their daily existence.  Her words of hope and wisdom will inspire you, like they've inspired me.

  • Advice for the non-Raptured - Let's face it, when Jesus comes, not all of us can be sure he'll take us home.  As a matter of fact, some of us may have a snowball's chance in hell of being "taken home" to heaven.  This site can help us prepare for that eventuality.

  • The Door Magazine - If you've never been a reader of The Door Magazine, now's your chance to read it.  Cartoons, Jokes, articles, they are all here.  You'll be glad you visited.

  • Smirknet comments on Religion - Though not primarily a site for religious information, This part of Smirknet does provide a great link to some other pages on the Internet of a religious nature.  You have to see it to believe it (kind of the opposite of what faith is, I guess).

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