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C O M I N G S O O N from New York's Hippocrene Books, Inc., America's largest publisher of Polish/Polonian-interest books of every type.

"Polish Holiday Cookery & Customs" by Robert Strybel

A companion piece to "Polish Heritage Cookery" (Hippocrene, New York 1993), which Strybel co-authored with his wife Maria, this is the only book of its kind ever written in English. It is backed by four decades of the author's active involvement in various aspects of Polish/Polonian affairs, including teaching, journalism, translation, cultural activism and heritage popularization. It contains most everything any Pol-Am would ever want to know about his or her heritage and then some: customs, traditions, recipes, symbols, history, culture, religion, architecture, interior decor, and folklore as well as suggested Polish names for children, pets, streets and businesses. Included are step-by-step instructions on how to celebrate Christmas and Easter, May 3rd, Dozynki, All Saints/Souls Day, Andrzejki and other holidays, cultivate traditional folkcrafts, set up a Polish restaurant in America, organize a Polish festival, banquet, ball,
concert, tour to Poland, wedding, procession, christening, golden anniversary, funeral... And for the first time ever the rules of the Polish game of palant (believed to be a forerunner of baseball) have been illustrated and spelt out in English. There are also numerous suggestions for other Polish games, contests and activities from sleigh rides, ringo, trivia competitions and word games to pierogi-eating contests and beret-tossing tournaments. There are loads of hints, tips, pointers and contacts of every type. In a word, this is a handbook for the culturally stimulated, interested and aware Polish American at the start of the 21st century. This could rightly be called the Polish book for today's networking generation because it opens the door to websites of Polish/Polonian interest of which many Polish Americans might otherwise remain unaware. In fact, if anyone were to have only a single Polish book in their collection, this is definitely the one to have (or give as a gift or prize). It is book is also expected to be a good fund-raising item at Polonian festivals and other events.
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