Vacation! August & October 2001

Vacation.  Never enough time for vacation.  Never able to do everything I want to.  Here's a few pictures from some recent vacations: August, 2001 when I visited Wisconsin, and October, 2001 when Rick and I went to Key West with some friends for the weekend.  

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8-5-01 Vacation01.jpg (62879 bytes) Here he is, Mr. Easy Rider. Joe Cool. Got the top down. Ridin' those dusty Wisconsin trails.....
8-5-01 Vacation02.jpg (60229 bytes) Those who've read the guest book have seen the words left by this dude, complaining about the lack of his picture plastered all over the place.  Well, here he is, big as life, along with his girlfriend,  Jen.
8-5-01 Vacation03.jpg (59512 bytes) How do you spell double trouble?  I spell it Catie and Lexi.  Aren't they cute?  Wonder what they've been up to?  Most likely the stock price for  the Dollar Store is rising again!
8-6-01 Vacation04.jpg (57848 bytes) I imagine I was the envy of every teen age boy when I gave these beauties a ride in the convertible.  Good looks run in the family, can't you tell?
8-7-01 Vacation05.jpg (94403 bytes) Mom, Donna, Kirsten, and I had an enjoyable time at Foxfire Gardens, near Marshfield.  Truly a gem tucked into the local countryside. If you're ever in the Marshfield, Wisconsin area, I highly recommend a field trip to this very enjoyable garden. Check out their web site for more info. The price is right, too: free admission.
8-7-01Vacation06.jpg (73194 bytes) Another "must see" place, just across the road from the above, is Jurustic Park. Tons of old junk has been transformed into a whimsical world of mythical creatures.  And the price is right: free admission.
8-7-01Vacation08.jpg (107839 bytes) My fearless companions on the trek to Foxfire and Jurustic Park: Mom, Donna, and Kirsten.  Here we are at Jurustic Park.  Don't feed these the park, I mean!
8-8-01Vacation09.jpg (88183 bytes) Mom and Dad, in their Backyard.  It was my fortune to escape the Florida heat and venture to Wisconsin during the hottest and longest heat wave they've had in many a year.  But it's always cool at mom and dad's house!
8-9-01 Vacation10.jpg (92391 bytes) Here I am with the Heideman gang, about ready to tool around Milwaukee, to the envy of all. 
8-9-01 Vacation11.jpg (76439 bytes) Airline Food?  You bet.  When you fly Midwest Express, you get a meal that's worth taking a picture of!
10-06-01 KeyWest01.jpg (75156 bytes) View of Key West from the top of our hotel, the La Concha, the highest building in Key West, at an awe-inspiring 7 stories.
10-06-01 KeyWest02.jpg (91620 bytes) Rick and I went to Key West with our friends, Dave and Terry.  Here they are pictured in front of a Banyan Tree.
10-06-01 KeyWest03.jpg (64784 bytes) The sponge monster almost got Rick.  It was a close one, but we managed to pull him to safety at the last moment, keeping him from being soaked up--permanently.
10-06-01 KeyWest04.jpg (84014 bytes) Here we are doing what everyone does best in Key West: Hang out.  
10-06-01 KeywWest05.jpg (68165 bytes) After "hanging out," the next biggest pastime in Key West is eating.  And eating.  And eating again.  Never had a bad meal in Key West.  Here we are at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritavile Cafe.  Worth the trip to the Keys, just to visit here! 
10-07-01 KeyWest06.jpg (50782 bytes) Rick and I are standing at the southernmost point in the United States.  90 Miles further and we'd be speaking Spanish in Cuba.  Yikes! 
10-07-01 KeyWest07.jpg (63806 bytes) The beach in Key West.  Truly a tropical paradise.  Makes me want to go back, just looking at this photo.



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