Ok, You asked for it--and here it is: some pictures from our Fall of 2000 visit to the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee!

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09-10-00 Smoky Mountains Farm Exhibit12.jpg (96681 bytes) Just outside the mountains, there is a farm exhibit: life on the farm nearly a century ago in the foothills and valleys of the Great Smoky Mountains.  To the right in this picture is tobacco: virginia slim is the variety.
09-10-00 Smoky Mountains Farm Exhibit10.jpg (71567 bytes) Here I am, just finishing my visit to one of the exhibits.  I found it to be quite a relieving experience!  
09-10-00 Smoky Mountains Scenery09.jpg (49662 bytes) In the distance you can see many hills of the Great Smoky Mountains
09-10-00 Smoky Mountains Scenery12.jpg (53708 bytes) More mountains......
09-10-00 Smoky Mountains Scenery20.jpg (60336 bytes) .....even more mountains....with a valley thrown in for good measure.
09-11-00 Cades Cove20.jpg (115498 bytes) The is from the area known as Cade's Cove.  Look carefully and in the center of the picture you'll see one of the many deer we saw there.
09-12-00 Christus Gardens12.jpg (65264 bytes) This is Rick and his mom, with Jesus looking over their shoulders.  Taken at Christus Gardens in Gatlinburg, TN.



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