Jean and Donna traveled to Florida in late October, 2000.  It was "teacher convention" weekend for them, and they learned a lot of educational things.  Really.  Sure.  Definitely.  They did! 

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jean-and-donna-flight1.JPG (60515 bytes) Here we can see Jean and Donna, about to land in Orlando.  If you look real close, you can see them in the window, flapping their arms furiously.
Arrival.jpg (51895 bytes) Here they are, getting off the plane.  "De-plane, de-plane," Tattoo was heard to say! And "welcome to fantasy island," said Mr. Rourke!
Dinner.jpg (58117 bytes) What visit would be complete without a "Leon Dinner?"  In this case, we had "Emeril's Pierogi." 
Jean-and-donna.JPG (39953 bytes) Of course, the "stars" of the weekend were the guests of honor, Jean and Donna (or Donna and Jean, depending on who you ask).  "Hey.... mom liked you best!"
Patio.jpg (84605 bytes) After several trips to the trash can, we were able to remove the empties and make room to take this photo of Jean and Donna, resting on the (new) back patio.  Miller made a mint this weekend!
EPCOT.JPG (40897 bytes) A trip to Florida is not complete without a trip to Disney World.  In this case, we went to EPCOT center and enjoyed the Food and Wine Festival.  Yes, we were a few pounds heavier on the way out--but very happy! We also enjoyed the Millennium Celebration, and the Illuminations fireworks show was awesome!
LeonJeanDonnaOutsideEPCOT.JPG (38766 bytes) Here we are just outside of EPCOT.  It was a typical, beautiful, October day in sunny Florida.
RickJeanDonnaOutsideEPCOT.JPG (41171 bytes) Rick, Jean, and Donna, outside of EPCOT.  Soaking up a few rays and squinting into the sun, eager to enter EPCOT.
GroupAtATTDisney.JPG (39220 bytes) AT&T sponsors the Planet Earth pavillion (the big ball in the above picture), and as employees, Rick and I got the VIP treatment.  Here we are relaxing in the ATT lounge prior to getting priority seating on the ride.  The attendant was kind enough to snap this pic!
HardRock.jpg (49083 bytes) A trip to Florida would not be complete without a visit to Universal's City Walk. We had a great dinner at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.  This picture was taken just outside the Hard Rock Cafe. Donna is proudly showing off Jean's trinket...a blinking beer cap.  Who said entertainment has to be expensive?
Donna.JPG (35072 bytes) Donna, the Viking Princess.  Need I say more?
Jean.jpg (60579 bytes) Jean, the surfer dudette.......??!?
Departure.jpg (53166 bytes) All good things must come to an end....temporarily, at least.  Ever hear of the movie, "Same Time, Next Year?"
jean-and-donna-flight2.JPG (66791 bytes) Almost home, their arms were very tired by this time.  Home to a nice clean house... quiet, restful, peaceful... home.  Hey, whose home did you go to??



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