Wright Brothers



The Wright Brothers National Landmark. I was amazed by this event that took place just over 100 years ago--man's first flight into the air under power. The Wright brothers flew their gliders off the tops of the dunes many time, but when it came to the first powered flight, they took off from the plain, about 1 inch above sea level, and flew just over 100 feet that first time. And now, we have been to the moon and back. Simply amazing. Here are just a few pictures from the landmark in at Kitty Hawk.

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This marker at the top of the dunes is a tribute to the work of the Wright brothers, erected on the 25th anniversary of their flight, in 1928.
This is a copper and metal mock of of their plane--a very amazing contraption.
Here is where the first four powered flights were from. The first just over 100 feet, but the fourth was over 800 feet. An amazing feat for that time.

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