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The Lighthouses of the Outer Banks. Tom and I visited three of them: Cape Hatteras, Bodie Island, and Currituck. We climbed to the top (and back down) at Hatteras and Currituck. These are amazing structures, and my few photos here cannot do them justice. Huge, massive, standing against hurricanes and all sorts of weather, they were a sign and beacon of hope for many a lost or off course ship in days before GPS was a common word. They are massive and impressive, and even solemn. Here's just a few pics.

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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. One of the best known. It was moved inland aver 1000 yards inland a few years back to preserve it and protect it from the ever-encroaching coastline. Even a lighthouse can't fool with mother nature.
The Bodie Island lighthouse (pronounced "body"). It is in the beginning stages of restoration.
The keepers house at Bodie Island lighthouse has been restored and serves as  a museum and gift shop.
Currituck lighthouse, on the north end of the outer banks, was restored a few years back and offers a great view.
Looking down from near the top at Currituck. It was about 212 steps to the top. Good exercise!
The keeper's house at Currituck.

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