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We all had a great time in this huge old beach house. Well, not so old--quite modern and nice, actually. Plenty of room to spread out, and no one was ever in anyone else's way, even with 16 of us there!  Here are some of the more memorable moments, though truly the whole vacation is one big happy memory.

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Tom, Donna, Mary, Mom, Dad, and Tom, just after arrival.   Dad, Mom, and Tom, enjoying the warm air (and a beer or two, it seems...).
Perry, Mom, and Tom enjoying the pleasant night air. Dad and Tom. Looks like they're on a mission....
Mary and Mom, enjoying a peaceful moment outside. Donna, Mom, and Mary. I think they're conniving!
The "kids"--Kyle, Sean, Lexi, Kirsten, KT, and Kaylan. About to head off go-carting. A picture of "relaxation," but we call here "Mom."
Tom enjoying himself on the back by the beach. Me (Leon) enjoying the view from the top of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
Perry, contemplating nature's nearly perfect fruit.... Dad. I'm sure he's supervising something!
Tom sure does know how to relax and enjoy a vacation! Sean, ditto. Like father, like son, huh?
Donna looks rather relaxed, dontcha think? Justin, looking rather pensive.
Jean, enjoying a book and making the best of a broken leg. What better place to be with that? Mom, holding court.
Mom, Perry, and Tom, in the kitchen. Justin and Dad, enjoying the ambience--and a beer, it appears.
Kaylan and Dan, after watching too much soccer! Perry and Jean, enjoying one of our many fine meals.
Lexi, Kirsten, and Sean. Tom, Mary, KT, Kaylan, Lexi, Kirsten, and Sean.
Dan, Dad, Donna, and Justin. The decorations are for Tom's birthday. Another view of the klan, eating, with the place decorated.
Tom and his birthday cake on his LVth birthday---you figure it out! Donna, Mary, Sean, Lexi, and KT, singing "happy birthday to you..."
Of course, these two are up to something..... ---->> Ah, KT and Lexi's present!

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