Corolla is an old town on the very far north of the Outer Banks. Heck, they only got a paved road there just over a dozen years ago--before that, it was just another place out in the sand. A lot of the buildings in Corolla have been restored to their turn-of-the-century beauty. At Corolla, the road ends, but not the fun. there are houses all up the beach, but only the sand to drive on to get there. You do need a four wheel drive vehicle for that.

The "wild horses" of Corolla wander the dunes in a protected area. There are around 90 of them all together. All are descendents of horses that "escaped" from shipwrecks of spanish galleons many years ago and managed to make their way to the shore. They live here, protected and wild. Seeing them is a rare and exciting experience. One person we say said she's visited Corolla 9 years in a row, and this was the first time she saw the horses.

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An old time pump, located outside the Corolla schoolhouse.   The Corolla Schoolhouse--it dates back to about 1900.
A buoy that's washed ashore on the beach in Corolla. The beach vehicle... perfect for driving in the soft sand.
Boy with Toy. Boy with Toy II. (it was a lot of fun... and I mean,  a LOT!)
The wild horses of Corolla, in the distance. We were extremely luck to see them.
The "wild horses" of Corolla are actually pretty laid back. But. when they tired of all the photographers, they wandered back into the dunes.

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