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As befits renting a beach house for a week, we all spent a substantial amount of time....on the beach!  Here's just a few of the pictures documenting a bit of the fun we had down there.

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This is what the beach is all about.... nothing but relaxing.   Kids and adults alike seemed to be having a great time.
Getting our feet wet and cooling down. Tom sure enjoyed the surf.
Maybe on a dolphin watch, or maybe just enjoying the day. Even after her mishap, Jean managed to enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather.
Mom on the hunt for a few more shells as evening comes. KT buried her friend, Kaylan, and made him into a somewhat voluptuous mermaid.
Kirsten, enjoying the solitude and the sun KT working on Kaylan's "form."
Sean got buried, too. Here he's a turtle.... ...and here he's a... well, I'm not exactly sure WHAT he is!
Co-conspirators Kirsten and Lexi atop their "creation." Sand castle building was impressive
Another, more fancy sand castle. But the ocean will eventually claim it.

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