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We spent a half day at the Museum of Appalachia, and here's a few photos. They've brought building and artifacts from all over Appalachia and put them here.  It's a very nice place and I highly recommend visiting it if you're in the Knoxville area.

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Some of the buildings are nestled in the trees and perched on the hillside.   An old organ--reminds me of Granma Szczech's organ.
There were a lot of open spaces. Note the haystack on the left. The cantilever barn and the mill in the distance
Not a lot of privacy in the "bedroom" of this log cabin.... ...especially when the kitchen and living room are all one!
A school room. Notice the modern heater. The schoolhouse, with the "boys room" nearby.
Church also had "modern" heat. Wow, what a kitchen. I should be jealous?
Liza Jane and Curly were performing--live mountain music. We bought a CD or their tunes.... Another view of the area, nicely framed.

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