Tom, my brother-in-law (or perhaps outta law, since he deals with lawyers) from the great white north visited recently.  Truthfully, he was in town for a convention.  I hear the national guard was on standby, and extra beer was called in for the week.  But anyway, he came down early and we had a chance to visit.  A great time was had by all.. 

And here is the evidence!

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The Plane! The Plane!  Yes, the plane has landed... here it is, pulling up to the gate.  Reminds me of a scene from the movie, Airplane!
I hear that airline food is really, really, REALLY bad.  Tom was quite glad to get away from that food!
We went to Universal's City Walk, a nighttime entertainment complex.
Margaritaville, the center of the universe. Toms looks a bit serious here, cuz I just told him the margaritas were sold out.  Psych!


Now, this is a true Wisconsinite.  Notice the technique. The judges rated this a 9.8!  He never even missed a beat, nor spilled a drop, even in the heaviest of crowed. Of course, not that I remember at least! I was trying to stay even, you know!
Here we are at Ponce Inlet Beach. That's the Lighthouse in the background.
Body Surfing
We both had a really nice time. The weather was perfect, the water warm, and the sun just right.
Trying to emulate the famous "lobster boy" photo from our North Carolina vacation.  Did he do it?
Yours, truly.  Yes, I got a bit of sun.  And yes, it was a bad hair day after swimming in the Atlantic.!


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