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On June 28, 2003, some of the grandchildren of Alex and Katherine Symbal got together for a family reunion.  The brainchild or Sonia Peters and Pat Cohen, news of the reunion spread quickly via email.  The result: a large turnout descended upon the Holiday Shores RV Park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.  It goes without saying that we did NOT run out of food.....not even close!

If you want to know more about how all these people are related, visit my genealogy page for a link to my family tree. Basically, the attendees were the descendents of three of the daughters of Alex and Katherine Symbal, Vicki (Victoria) Szymoniak, Bernice Szczech, and Olga Urbas.  In attendance were large contingents of first, second, and third cousins, and a whole lotta "in-betweens" as well! 

Click on the image to see the full size picture. I have more pictures, as well.  And if you want a copy suitable for printing, email me and I'll send you the full size version (these are slimmed down for the web!) 

Pat (Urbas) Cohen, Jean Konieczny Heideman, and Sonia (Szymoniak) Peters.
Robin and Debbie, daughters of Sonia.  They are my second cousins. 
Sonia and my mother, Joanne (Szczech) Konieczny.  They are first cousins.
A view of the gathering. 
Like I said, we had no fear of running out of food....enough to feed a third world country for maybe a week, actually... and all soooo very good!
More of the gathering....
Sue and Jean, second cousins.
Debbie and two of her children (sorry, I don't remember all the names, email me!), along with George Cohen.
Debbie and her daughter on the left, my sister Jean, my mom (Joanne), Pat Cohen, and Sonia Peters.  The last three are cousins.
Bill Peters and Mary (Konieczny) Williams, second cousins.
Here they are, the first counsins!  Basically, everyone in attendance were their offspring!  Joanne (Szczech) Konieczny, Steph (Szczech) Kotecki, Pat (Urbas) Cohen, Donnie Urbas, Sonia (Szymoniak) Peters, and Carol (Szczech) Szymanski. 
We are all second cousins:  Sue, Maria, Debbie, Allen, (unknown),  (unknown), Leon (me, hiding), Jean, Mary, Donna, Greg, Robin, Bill, Tim, Sue, Don, and Scott.  Fill me in with the ones I missed, please!
Here we have many of the third cousins.  Hell I I know all their names!
Here we have some of the spouses.
A better view of the spouses....after more of them were forced to join in!
Another view of the gathering. 
Sonia and Scott.
Sonia with two of her sons, Scott, and Bill. 
Mary (Konieczny) Williams and Joanne (Szczech) Konieczny talking with Carol (Szczech) Szymanski
John and Carol (Szczech) Szymanski, and Mary (Konieczny) Williams.
My mom, Joanne (Szczech) Konieczny and Donnie Urbas chatting with John and Carol (Szczech) Szymanskil
We had a bit of rain, and were rewarded with a rainbow!
Had a boat tour of the upper Wisconsin dells, too. Awesome.
More of the Dells.  Look carefully, you'll see the indian's face....
Kyle is ripping up the waves
Sean is about to rip up the waves!

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