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Ok,  here's a few pictures of our new home.  Keep in mind that These pictures were taken about a day after we moved in, on July 1.  You may see some boxes, and not everything is at it's final resting place. Also, we still have lots of decorating to do...I think we'll do a fine job of decorating it, though! 

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OutsideFront.JPG (105647 bytes) A view of the front of the house. Lots of nice landscaping, and a couple o' big ole trees in the front yard!
OutsideBackofHouse1.JPG (57208 bytes) The back of the house, from the back yard, highlighting the screened porch--a wonderful, quiet, and peaceful retreat.
OutsidePondArea2.JPG (103313 bytes) The back yard, looking towards the house from the back.  Looking at the Pond Area
OutsidePondArea4.JPG (77120 bytes) The pond area from the screen porch.  There's an upper pool and mini waterfall just below the Palm Trees
OutsidePondArea5.JPG (112404 bytes) Yet another view of the pond area.  Such a restful retreat.
New Home.gif (43003 bytes) This is a scale drawing of our new home. It view is front to back, from bottom to top.  Front is West, back (top) is east.  
InsideViewofEntry.JPG (30314 bytes) Looking at the front door and foyer, from inside the living room. The french doors lead into the office.  If you look, you'll see my reflection in the door of the china cabinet.
InsideLivingRoom.JPG (31333 bytes) Looking at the living room from the foyer.  Notice the skylights and fireplace! Way cool!
InsideLivingRoom2.JPG (36832 bytes) Another view of the living room, this time from near the screen porch. 
InsideMasterBedroom2.JPG (48964 bytes) The Master Bedroom Suite.  The door at left is the walk in closet.  .
InsideMasterbedroom1.jpg (46957 bytes) The Master Bedroom from the bed.  The door on the right is the Bathroom, to the left is the entry to the living/dining area.  The screen porch has a door on the left (not seen in this picture)
InsideKitchen1.JPG (40460 bytes) The kitchen.  Nice cabinets, and a fair amount of room.
InsideKitchen2.JPG (43079 bytes) The kitchen, featuring the dining area, and looking from near the cabinets.  Lots-o-room!
InsideViewofPorch.JPG (33941 bytes) The screen porch from the living/dining area.  The door on the left goes to the Master Bedroom
7-29-01 Backyard.jpg (96293 bytes) The backyard, showing our little bridge over the pond.  How cute!
7-29-01 Home Pics.jpg (72852 bytes) The dining room. Notice the Palm Tree Neon on the sideboard to the left!
9-2-01 Pond Outside02.jpg (90573 bytes) Another pond pic, this time showing our "beach."  Look closely, you can see the sea shell.  Wonder if silly Sally is selling these sea shells by this sea shore.....
10-20-01 Pond.jpg (61521 bytes) Just another view of the pond.  It's a very serene setting.  You wouldn't know you were in the city.
10-27-01 Inside FirePlace with Fire.jpg (63871 bytes) What good is a fireplace without a fire in it?  Well, it recently got cold enough (way down into to upper 40s) to light it.  Nothing like the crackling of a fire.  Can't wait for our Christmas Eve fire!
The Loropetalum by the pond bloomed in February, 2002.  Brilliant purple flowers, the whole bush seemed to be ablaze.  It lasted nearly a month, too
Recently, we started to redo a section by the pond.  We removed the low growing "green stuff" and raised the bed a bit, adding a walkway and some annuals and perennials for color.  Azaleas and Kalanchoes provide nice perennial color.
Summer 2002.  A view of the back yard. 
Summer 2002.  A view of the pond
Summer 2002.  Our goldfish have had babies.  There are well over 4 dozen gold fish here now.  Perhaps the mood lighting and soft music had something to do with this population explosion?

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